Don’t worry your not on the wrong blog! I am Meg from Bug Creator! I am taking over stopping by today. I have been a big fan for a long time so I am a bit over the moon excited! 
I am self entitled the bug wrangler…I am a single mother of 1 little boy that I call bug…I love to craft, and talk! 
Of course that is not all I like to do but we have to leave some mystery to it so that you will visit my corner of the bloggy world @ Bug Creator

Today we are going to be making some pretty awesome boy {or girl} wrist cuffs! 

These are the best because you can whip them up in 10 minutes as a last minute gift, addition to a costume, or any other number of things! They don’t even have to be perfect and we welcome disasters because it makes it that more interesting! 

So here we go…


2 or more kinds of fabric… These can be long scraps or pieces you cut..
thread and a sewing machine of course! 

I used an old leather jacket and some blue scraps I had laying around…

Step 1: Measure the persons wrist you are trying to fit or if you can’t make a good guesstimate!

Cut out 2 long pieces approximately 2 inches wide from your base fabric… 

Step 2: 
cut out a piece of a topper fabric and cut it out slightly shorter and less wide than the base fabric than sew it on with some fancy sewing squiggles.(you can use your quilting foot for free motion if you want here… experiment! You can’t mess up!)

Step 3: 
Make sure you sewing around the base fabric as well after your fancy squiggles..You should finally have this!

Step 4:
With wrong sides together sew your two pieces of base fabric together….My two pieces were not quite the same so I had to cut some of the top but that is okay! Because remember? We welcome disasters!!! 

Step 5: VELCRO!!! (or you can use snaps)

Sew two squares of Velcro on so that it can be closed around the wrist

You should now have this awesomeness that if your little boy is anything like my nephew has been loved from the minute you started making it… (my nephew stood behind me the entire time saying how much he loved it and could he have it)

And he found out it was his… Can you tell he loves it?

Doesn’t it look awesome despite its flaws?

The best part is you can layer fabric and do all kinds of designs! 
Even let your kids design their own! 

If it frays… fine! More character!

Now go make some of these lovelies for kids you know! Even teenagers love them! 
And don’t forget to stop by Bug Creator and check out my other tutorials we have some neat stuff going on for National Sewing Month! 

Thanks for having me seven thirty three readers… Hope to see ya soon! 

&  BIG thanks to Kimy for letting me stop by and putting up with my crazy lateness!