Hey Guys!

I’m Morgan!!!

A Little Bit About Me:
~I have recently turned a quarter century….it was a tough one!

~I have been married to my schweetie for 3 years! Man time does fly right!
{No babies…I knew you all were secretly wondering ;), but yeah not now who knows when that will happen we just go with the flow!}

~I graduated in the fall from a Fashion Merchandising program, which I LOVED!!!

Fashion=My Life!!
{Funky-O Scarf Tutorial HERE}

I also do a weekly posting called: Weekend Wear. It’s fun, and full of great tips on current trends, and how to dress for your body type!
{Weekend Wear #3}

I started Meet Virginia as an outlet for creativity, I love anything that lets me use my imagination!
{Plate Mural}

I am a TV fanatic! Some of my favorite shows are Survivor, The Big Bang Theory, Project Runway, Design Star, The Hills (it’s the hubs and I’s guilty pleasure!), and so on and so on ;)! I LOVE to crochet while I watch TV as well, it’s so relaxing!

{Crocheted Bib Necklace}

Today I am showing you how to recycle or “up-cycle” if you will,
old throw pillows to match new decor!!

Here are my old pillows:
{It’s like a Red explosion right?? As you can tell these for sure needed a revamp! Ya see I am in the process of re-decorating our living room in more bright and vibrant colors, so naturally all this red had to GO!}

Why spend more money on new pillows when I can just take these old ones to a new level!

Here they are!!
{Ahhhhh! They are like a breath of fresh air!}

Want to be able to make your own?

Here is what you need:

~Old pillows in need of a new life
~New fabric that compliments your decor
~Measuring tape
~Sewing machine
~Zippers if you decide to make slipcovers (Optional)

This is how I did it:

1. Choose fabric that goes with your decor. I chose fabrics in my scheme of: Orange, Celery Green, Yellow, and Neutrals.

#1 is a plain orange broadcloth.
#2 is a green and white feminine print.
#3 is a vintage floral print sheet I found at a thrift store.

{I also used it on a couple of ottomans HERE.}

#4 is a ribbed cotton in shades of yellow.

2. Make a slit at the top of your old pillows to be able to remove filling from the old case.
3. Remove filling or pillow from the old case.

4. Use the deflated pillow case as a template to measure how large to make your new pillows. This can vary I decided to make 2 over-sized pillows along with a medium square shape, and a rectangle shape. The over-sized pillows I used the pre-determined case from one of my pillows which was 24″x24″, the medium square is 15″x15″, and the rectangle is 14″x10″. You don’t have to use my measurements just determine what measurements will be good for your space.
5. Cut your fabric to your pre-determined sizes.
6. Sew your previously cut fabric inside out leaving a part of the seam open so you are able to your pillow stuffing into the slip cover. Also if you would like to add a zipper to your slip cover do it here.
7. Turn your pillowcase right side in and stuff with your “old” pillowcase’s covers stuffing.

8. If you did put a zipper in during the sewing step just skip this step ;). After filling the case to your liking sew in your opening either on the machine or by hand, be sure to tuck in your raw edges for a finished look.

9. Enjoy!!

{I added an additional inch seam as a decorative edge.}

So what do you guys think? This is such a money-saving project, it provides a great personalized touch on a budget! All I had to pay for is the fabric in this project, I also had some leftover for future projects, Bonus!!
Thank you so much for letting me post for you guys today, I had such a blast and can’t wait to get to know you better! If you have any questions about this project or just for fun please let me know I am more than happy to help! Hope you all have a great day!! Thanks again! Love, love.

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