Hi! So excited to do my first ever guest post – and extra thrilled because it’s for seven thirty three. My name is Michelle L. and my jewelry design blog is called Mich L. in L.A. What I mostly love is taking offbeat, weird and unexpected materials, and upcycling them into offbeat, weird and wearable pretties.
F’r instance, I took this flyswatter…
And made some mad, mod earrings.

I turned a plastic whisk I found at a yard sale…

Into a fun wirework necklace.

I play around with all kinds of materials. Some you will recognize….

And some you might not.

(Hint: all made from badminton birdies.)
Today I’m sharing a tutorial for a flower ornament that anyone can make. You won’t need any special tools – or, in fact, any tools at all. Here it is:

I call it my Big Bold Bobbin-flower Bauble. ‘Cause it’s made from a sewing bobbin. It’s kinda big and splashy – but I hope you think it’s cute!

Start with a bobbin, some jump rings and fifteen little shirt buttons. If you prefer, all your buttons can match. But a mismatched-yet-harmonious collection makes a really cute flower. When choosing the jump rings, keep 2 things in mind: they should be large enough to reach across from your button to your bobbin, and thin enough to open and close by hand.

Open a jump ring by swiveling the two ends sideways. (Don’t pull the gap straight apart.) Add a button; attach to one of the bobbin holes. Then swivel the jump ring closed.

Fill all ten holes on one side of the bobbin – that’s ten buttons. Here’s how it will look at the ten-button stage:

On the opposite side, do every other hole – that’s the final five. It gives a layered look if the five on top are a bit smaller than the ten on the bottom.

You know what? You could stop right there! I think this is kind of a cool look, featuring the naked bobbin: But if you desire, go on to one final step – adding a button centerpiece. Pick out something cool to compliment your flower.

Grab a little piece of twine or cord and thread it through your centerpiece button. Run it down through the center of the bobbin… Then just thread the two ends through a couple of opposite bobbin holes, meet them in the middle and tie them off. Like this: Now you’re totally done! That’s your Big Bold Bobbin-flower Bauble.

See how changing the centerpiece changes the look? There are a million ways to use your bauble. Just a few strategic stitches will secure it to whatever needs be-baubling. (I’m sure that’s a word, right?)

A watch strap… Cute hat…

Wide cuff bracelets… Vintage purse! If you have something that’s metal or mesh, like this chain link bracelet…

…use jump rings instead of thread to attach your bobbin flower. Even faster and easier than stitching it on.

Okay, that’s it – hope you liked it. I had so much fun working up this tutorial for you. And Kim, thanks so much for inviting me over! I totally love it here, can I move in?

See you all at Kim’s next linky party!

p.s. The chocolate and vanilla-colored cuff bracelets? I made them from a deconstructed tennis ball.