Hey all!  I am over at My Insanity today.  I’m sharing a FREEBIE too, so make sure to head over and see what fun surprise is in store and give me a little comment love while you’re there!
Hi, my name is Kendra and I’m excited to bring a little crazy to seven thirty three today!
My blog is called My Insanity, because it is an accurate description of the way I often approach my various creative pursuits.  If you want the entire backstory on the name, you can read it here.  (Hey, Kim!  What’s the story behind “seven thirty three?”  I’m sure it means something really important!) (Why yes, Kendra, it does, and you can read what it means HERE.  Thanks for asking!).
I’m a little crazy about things like party planning

decorating my home inexpensively…

…and lots of other crafts, gift, and projects:
On my blog you’ll find lots of parties that I spend months planning and preparing for.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have months to get ready for an event.  For example, I found out that we would be having my SILs b-day dinner at our house.  No one really asked or expected me to do much other than provide dessert, but if you know me (do you know me?), you know I have to inject a little insanity into most every occasion.  I really did keep this one pretty simple for once!
While shopping at Target a day or two before the dinner, I found some fun napkins, plates, and decorations on 75% off clearance!  (Did I mention I’m cheap?  Anyone else have a radar for those red price tags at Target?  I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame.  But I digress…)
These were actually the perfect things to go with the chicken enchiladas my Mother-in-law was making and the sort-of Fiestaware plates I have (I have Oneidas Petals line.  They look a lot like Fiestaware.)
Then to keep the cake simple (I was at this amazing photoshoot all day the day before, and didn’t have a lot of time to go crazy), I used a lemon cake mix, filled with lemon pudding.  I added some fresh lemon zest and juice to both to help them taste fresh, and a layer of coconut with the pudding filling.  We made cream cheese frosting and then decorated the cake with Skittles to mimic the pattern on the napkins.
It was fast and easy, and I learned that everyone was excited about having skittles on their cake!  My daughter had her purple bouquet left over from the photoshoot (originally made by Zuzu’s petals), and it made a great centerpiece.  So all in all, it was a festive and fun celebration for just a few dollars!
I hope you will join me over at My Insanity for “an insane amount of ideas!”  If you hurry, you can link up your Christmas in July projects today!  (Linky party will close tonight)  There are prizes to be had, so hurry!  I look forward to seeing a little of your insanity, too!
Looks like Kendra and I have a lot in common in the party-planning department.  I hope you go over to visit here.  She has some really fun ideas!
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