I am so honored to be posting for Kim on her adorable blog today! Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Leslie and you can find me over at my blog, Night Owl Crafting!
I started this blog, because my personal blog was being taken over by crafts instead of my children and family events.  I have only had it for 3 months and I am having so much fun with it! Here are some of my favorite projects.

Now for the tutorial! I have a little one year old and I have just became interested in making her skirts! I am so excited to show you one that I made last week! So here we go! Here is the skirt that I will be showing the tutorial for!

Supply List
*sewing machine
*2 pieces of coordinating fabrics
*straight pins
*cutting mat
*rotary cutter
*Texture magic
*tape measure

First of all have any of you heard of TEXTURE MAGIC? Well let me tell you it is FaBuLoUs! It comes in a package that looks like this…
               Sorry about the glare, this is what happens when you craft at night (no natural sun light).

1. Measure
My daughter is a size 12 months, so you might have to adjust your measurements.  First of all measure about how long you want the skirt to be off of the waist of the little darling that you are making the skirt for. Mine falls a little below the knees!  For the bottom layer of the skirt you will add 2 inches to the bottom and 4 inches to the top for a total of six inches plus your desired length. I measured my daughter at 8 inches and added 6 to equal 14 inches for the width.  My length was 26 inches!

2. Texture Magic
I took my 1/2 yard of fabric and laid it face down.  Then take your texture magic out and lay it on top of the fabric and pin in place. It should look similar to this.
3. Sew texture magic onto fabric. Sew on top of the texture magic side. Take a rounded zigzag stitch up and down over the entire piece. I had to make my stitch length longer. It should look something like this…
4. Heat the texture magic.  The directions on the texture magic package tells you how to do this.  Take the iron directly above the texture magic and it will start to shrink. Do not apply straight onto the texture magic, just hold it above it. Isn’t it amazing what it does! I am in LOVE with this stuff!
5.  Cut your texture magic piece. I cut mine 8 inches wide by 26 inches long.  This will be the top of your skirt.

6.  Fold under and pin each side that is 25 inches long. Then you will need to sew along each edge to give it a finished look.
7.  Put your top piece of the skirt off to the side and grab your other piece of fabric. We are now going to create the underneath layer of the skirt. Cut your fabric according to the size you need! Measurements on step 1.

8.  First you will need to fold bottom of the skirt 1/2 inches under and pin it.  Then sew along that piece to create the hem of the skirt. 
9.  Now for the other side. Repeat step 8, then you will need to fold down the fabric 2 inches and sew a straight line down to create your casing. It should look similar to this.
10. Attach the top of the skirt to the bottom of the skirt. Lay the textured magic piece on top of the other piece of fabric with both right sides facing out.  Then pin the top part onto the bottom piece. You will NOT need to do this to the bottom. This piece is designed to just hang down!

11.  Put the elastic through the casing. The easiest way to do this is to attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic to help pull it through.
12. Once your elastic is all the way through then bunch up your material along the elastic.  Pin the two pieces together.

13. Fold the skirt in half with right side facing right side. Make sure to pin it so that the top of the texture piece meets with the other side of the texture piece. In the picture I didn’t fold it all the way, so you could see what to do.

14. Sew along the edge to connect the skirt together.

15. Cut any loose strings and the end of the elastic.

If you want you could make a shirt to go with it and matching hair clips. I am so into pinwheels right now, that I made a pinwheel shirt and matching pinwheel hair clips to go with the skirt. For the pinwheel tutorial you can go here. I am including a picture of my daughter in her completed outfit.
I just want to say thanks to Kim for letting me take over her blog to feature this tutorial. If any part doesn’t make sense or you have any questions than you can email me at [email protected].