Hi seven thirty three readers,  I am so excited to be featured on Friendly Tuesday. My name is Stacey from PB and Joy. I am a mom of 4 beautiful and active children. I started this blog because I was in a rut (and admittedly still am sometimes)…I couldn’t wait for bedtime, I was making the same old things for dinner, and my kids were singing along to way too many commercial jingles. I wanted to find more fulfillment and joy in motherhood so I came up with PB and Joy (my quest to take a bite out of my Parental Blunders and spread on lots of JOY). I have used this blog to post about fun and simple activities,  yummy recipes, stories, solutions to my blunders, and favorite quotes. It has helped me to refocus on being a better Mom. Check it out and you may find something that you like as well…I love followers and new ideas!

I must confess that I am not a very “cutsie” crafter.  I like to keep things simple and inexpensive.  This is a very easy educational game to put together.  My kids love it and it is great for any age.  Here you go, I hope you like it!

Gone F-I-S-H-I-N-G
Supplies needed:

  • Mason jar lids
  • Permanent marker
  • Dowel
  • String
  • Magnet
On each lid, write one letter of the alphabet – one lid for each letter. I did capitals on one side and lower case on the other. I also made a separate set of numbers 1-20. Make the fishing pole by tying the string onto the dowel and the magnet on the other end of the string. Now you are ready to fish!

To play, spread out the letters and have fun – let your creative juices flow. Here are some suggestions:
  • For smaller kids, name a letter or number and have them fish for it.
  • Mix the letters/numbers up and have your fisherman put them in order.
  • The fisherman can keep his letter if he can name an animal/food/item in the house/etc. that begins with that sound.  If not they have to throw it back. 
  • The fisherman can keep his number if he can count that many Cheerios/ beans/M&M’s/or other small items.
  • For older kids, have them spell out words.  My kids like to practice their spelling words from school to make homework more fun.
  • Call out a number and they have to fish for the numbers that add up to that sum.

Have fun and I hope that you enJOY doing this with your kids!
Thanks for the great idea Stacey!  This is really a fun educational toy and for the fisherboys (and girls) out there, this is perfect!  Stacey is new to blogging so why don’t you stop by and say hi!