{Check out those muscles!}
Since I shared the two costumes I made for my daughters (Mermaid Tutorial and Little Red Riding Hood) I thought it was only fair that I include my son too.  His was very simple – all he needed was a mask for his Red Ranger costume.  This was one of two Power Ranger costumes he was given and as soon as he saw it he said he was wearing it for Halloween.  Who am I to argue?  The only downside, it didn’t come with a mask.  As we were sitting watching TV the other day he asked if I could make him a mask, so me being a good mom said yes.

(He’s missing his shoulder embellishments but added his cape for extra super hero-ness for the photoshoot)

I didn’t really think this one out, just decided to make it a hat (since, you know, it usually snows on Halloween here in VT) and then figure it out from there.  I made the basic red shape and then asked him what he wanted and he said a black band across his eyes.  Easy peasy!  It is a bit big and I wanted to angle in the sides so that the band was tighter to his head, but he doesn’t want me to.  He likes it just the way it is, so again, who am I to argure?

I’d say that’s a pretty happy Ranger.