Picture this: 8:15 on Monday night, your 11 year old daughter comes down the stairs and say’s “MOM!  Tomorrow is crazy hat day for Spirit Week.  What am I going to WEAR?!?”  Of course it’s all out crisis mode.  She can’t go to school without showing spirit!  This is where I’m thankful that I’m a crafty mama!  I could only imagine what someone would pull together if they didn’t have fabric scraps and a glue gun laying around!  I told her to grab me an old baseball cap and to go brush her teeth and get ready for bed, I’d take care of it… and she loved the Disney Themed Crazy Hat I ended up with!

Using the old hat, fabric scraps, craft embellishments and kids toys I managed to pull off this fun and very blingy crazy hat! I went with a Disney theme because a) we’re going to Disney later this year and b) we had a decent amount of small figurines that would fit on a hat.


I glued the fabric on the hat, added the figurines and some other embellishments – including ears off from a crown we got at Disney on Ice last month.  Once finished I trekked upstairs to my daughters bedroom where she had been tucked in for the night.  Turned on her light and presented her with the hat and got a big “THAT is SOOO cool!”  So yea, I guess it makes it worth it to see that she appreciated the effort.  She even hopped out of bed to try it on in front of the mirror.  Mission accomplished.

When I picked her up from daycare I asked her what people thought of her hat and she was like, “I literally had 40-50 people stop me to look at my hat, mom.  Everyone was asking how the heck we made it.   And they thought it was really cool.”  So yea, I think it was worth it because I’m pretty sure I was her hero for the day!

Have you ever made any Crazy Hats for your kids? I’d love to hear about them.