Hey Rockin’ Ladies! 
I wanted to let everyone know about a small mom and pop shop that I found online while searching for a new guitar for my 9 year old daughter.  Guitaritupforgirls.com was THE perfect retailer to deal with.  They are a smaller operation and I had the best personal customer service.  Although the original guitar I ordered turned out to be out of stock (was noted on the page, but I somehow missed it), they worked with me after hours to get the issue resolved.  They recommended a different guitar that would fit my daughters needs, and even took the time to contact their dealer representative to verify the answers to some of my questions! 
The shipping was quick – shipped Friday received Monday.  I tend to research a company before buying from them and for guitaritupforgirls.com there wasn’t much information.  That made me a bit wary, but then I found this article and I realized they were still a rather new start-up and it was a mompreneur shop! 
I decided to give them a try and was not disappointed.  Guitaritupforgirls.com specializes in Daisy Rock guitars.  Daisy Rock is the perfect brand and style for both young girls and women who want to rock it with the boys!  The guitars are specially made for girls – smaller bodies, smaller necks, etc.  They even have a line especially for the youngest of guitarists! 
To sum it up: if you are in the market for a guitar for yourself or your daughter check out guitaritupforgirls.com.  They offer free shipping over $100 and will give you one-on-one personalized service!  AND they carry an awesome brand to boot… and from my conversation with Ted at Guitar It Up, it sounds like they are going to be adding the Luna Guitars brand for girls as well.  And if you head over to their website now you can sign up for their Valentine Giveaway for a Daisy Rock heart shaped electric guitar!
And for those who are interested – Cassidy got the Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Guitar in Silver Sparkle.  She is in love with it and as an FYI – it looks very similar to the silver sparkle Taylor Guitar that Taylor Swift has been seen around with!  Yes, my daughter informed me of this!
Head on over and tell them seven thirty three sent you!
Happy shopping!
DISCLAIMER: I was not paid or given any product to review for this company.  I had a good experience and wanted to share it with my readership.