One of my kids favorite things about Halloween is choosing their costume. They are very opinionated and typically know exactly what they want to be. In years past I have DIY’d their costumes but to be honest, the older they get, the busier we get and I have to choose my crafting time wisely! We just finished 6 weeks of soccer (for two of the kids anyway… the 3rd has till the end of Oct) and not getting home until 6:45pm each night… that’s after leaving at 7am for work and school. When contacted me to work with them again this year, I said “Heck yes!”. What Halloween Costumes did they want to be?

Olivia, my girly-girl Livie, decided she wanted to be scary this year. She decided she wanted to go with a character she thinks looks cool… she chose:

Darth Vader Halloween Costume for KidsDarth Vader! This choice totally surprised me! I didn’t even know that she knew who Darth Vader was beyond Angry Birds! I was pretty surprised with this costume. The mask is better than I expected, it isn’t the flimsy plastic that cracks super easy. The suit is one piece with a belt and the cape velcros at the shoulders. She loves all of the little details. Plus I love that we’ll be able to fit warm clothes underneath and black gloves are a requisite, so no cold fingers for her!

Mason stuck with the Star Wars theme, though he surprised me as well. I figured he would go with a Jedi of some sort, but he saw a picture of one of these with their glowing eyes and just had to be it:

Star Wars Jawa Kids CostumeA Jawa! You can’t see it in the picture, but this mask has two lights built into it and when the switch is flipped, they glow.

This is a one piece robe, with two pieces that criss cross and velcro on the front, plus the hood. The hood did fit a tad weird so I put a hat with a front brim on him and then put the hood on and that did the trick. It keeps the part with the glowing eyes above his eyes and everything lays perfectly.

Star Wars Halloween CostumesThese two were so darn excited when the costumes came in. It was an 80 degree day (It has been so cold the last few weeks! We couldn’t BELIEVE when we saw the weather. I actually had to take summer clothes back out of storage just to accommodate the weather last weekend!), but they immediately put them on and went outside so I could take some pictures and then played around for a bit. My husband had been out, so when he returned, they ran out to greet him and the first words out of his mouth to me were “WOW! Those are some pretty good costumes!”.  Both kids are so excited to meet up with friends on Halloween to show off their new costumes. And I’m a happy mama because these can easily accommodate for cold weather.

Check out last years post for cold weather trick or treating tips!

The two little ones tried really hard to convince their older sister to be Princess Leia, but she wasn’t biting. She really wanted to be a Raccoon and fell in love with the Teen Raccoon Costume we found:

Teen Raccoon CostumeThis is a velvet number with fake fur trim and a furry tail that clips onto the back of the dress. It also comes with a cute little mask and stripped tights. It’s a one-size number so is a tad big for my almost 14 year old, but still looks great! I liked it because it wasn’t too short and/or too sexy for my young teen.

What are your kids being for Halloween this year?

Will you be making them yourself, or are you looking for something last minute and just want to buy it and be done?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by I received product in order to write this post. All opinions are 100% mine.