My older brother Sean, and Me (at 3 months old).  It’s OK, you can laugh.  I looked like an alien.  Check out those EYES!  I was born 7 lbs. 13 oz. and within a month I had gone to 5 lbs.  I was all eyes and ribs for the first year of my life… and bald.  That is all the hair I had until I was 2.  My mom said I was cute… she is the only one.  HA!

Today I turn 29.  I’ve never been one to care about my age and I’ve always been referred to as an old soul.  I just can’t believe I’m 29.
I still remember being 5 years old exploring our new house as it was built.  I remember being 8 years old and having sleepovers with my cousin and brother and giggling late into the night.  I remember when my mom brought home my baby brother from the hospital when I was 9 and the day my younger sister came to live with our family when I was 14 and finding out her birthday was 7 years and 1 day (to the minute) after mine (Happy Early Birthday Court!).  I remember being 15 and getting my permit and the first time driving the car.
I remember my first date with my future husband when I was 16, and our first kiss.  

My little sister and Me (19)

I remember my other little sister coming to live with us when I was 18.  

My husband and I shortly before our wedding (Me 20, him 24).

I remember getting married at 20 and not being allowed to drink at the reception!  

 Cassidy on her Adoption Day!

I remember my daughter coming to live with us when I was 21 and adopting her shortly after I turned 22.  I remember buying my first brand new car the same day and a condo only 2 months after that.  I remember my other little brother moving in with my parents and how easily he fit in and thinking, I just got another little brother and I’m 25!

Cuddling with my little man.

That same year I found out I was pregnant for my son and we purchased our new home. 

Snuggling with the newest addition shortly after her birth.

I remember finding out I was pregnant with my daughter at 26 and being done having kids by 27 like I’ve always said!  These are just a few of my many memories from the 29 years I’ve been on this earth.  I cannot wait to create even more!

You’re still here?  Well now you have a very basic rundown of my life!  Hope you enjoyed it.  And here’s to everyone having a great day!