Honest Abe Mobile

When I taught kindergarten February was a VERY busy time! We had Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Mid-Winter Break, and regular curriculum crammed into the shortest month of the year. While it was crazy, I also loved it! Especially when my classroom ceiling was full of hanging decorations like this Honest Abe Mobile.

To make your own you’ll need:

  • 1 piece of 9×12 black construction paper
  • 1 piece of 9×12 brown construction paper
  • 1 scrap piece of light beige construction paper
  • 1 scrap of light pink construction paper
  • 1 set of templates {download here} cut out
  • scissors
  • pencil or white crayon
  • twine
  • ruler
  • clear tape

Take the black construction paper and mark the lines your kiddo will need to cut.*I used chalk for photo purposes but pencil or white crayon is even better for kiddos so they don’t smudge the lines while they are holding the paper.

Set the cut out hat aside and grab the brown construction paper.


Fold it in half and trace the 1/2 beard template on the fold. After the 1/2 beard is cut out and opened you should have a full beard.


Trace and cut out the nose.

Trace and cut out the mouth.

Using scraps from the beard trace and cut out the eyes and two rectangles for eyebrows.

Turn the beard and the hat to the back {depending on how cutting on the lines went you may not have a back}. Tape the beard to the bottom of the hat.

Cut 4 pieces of twine: two 7 inches long & two 3.5 inches long. Tape one of the 7″ pieces to the center of the bottom on the hat.

Tape the nose and the mouth to the twine.

Tape the two pieces of 3.5″ twine to either side of the 7″ piece.

Secure the eyes and eyebrows to the pieces of twine.

Honest Abe Mobile Kid's Craft Perfect for President's Day {Dolen Diaries for 733 blog}

Hole punch the top of the hat and loop the last piece of twin through the hole and tie. This will be how you hang the Honest Abe Mobile.

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