Are you like me and love to go to Mexican restaurants just so you can have a delicious taco salad that comes in a mouth watering taco bowl? Anyone? It can’t just be me!

Unfortunately my husband doesn’t like Mexican food so I rarely get to eat that tasty treat.
But I’ve solved that! I saw this wonderful contraption on TV that enables you to make the “PERFECT TORTILLA BOWL“.  And at $10 it wouldn’t break the bank, but come on! Basically all I have to do is use a small tortilla, turn over a cupcake tin and voila! So that is what I did.

{Anyone want to buy me a new cupcake tin? Geeez, this is embarrassing!}
I heated the oven to 375 degrees. Not sure how long I left the shells in for, basically until they were browned.  I took them out and let them cool for a short time and they hardened as they cooled.
My daughter was so impressed and asked if we can make them again.
Guess I’m NOT the only taco bowl lover out there.
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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