Working full-time while trying to get projects done can be frustrating.  Especially when you’re a person that wants a project completed the same day you started it!  My basement remodel has been coming along nicely, but unfortunately things like work and small family vacations have slowed the progress.  But this past weekend I got a TON completed!  And my poor vomiting children lounging on the couch actually helped me accomplish that!  I feel horrible for my poor kiddos that had a 24 hour bug and do not wish them to get it again, but because they were under the weather they were content with watching TV and napping on the couch, which allowed me to paint my entire basement.  We were covering a deep orange with a light tan, so I purchased the primer and paint in one.  It worked wonders and for the most part one coat did the job, but to be on the safe side we went with two.  I also managed to sew all new curtains for my three windows and one for a crawl space as well.  And Wednesday of last week I completed dust covers for both my Cricut and my sewing machine.  I am almost ready to reveal the whole space – I plan on drawing the outline and hopefully painting the chalkboard onto the wall after work tonight and I also need to hang a picture.  My stools should be in tomorrow and then it is complete! I am so excited about this space, and I think my kids are almost as happy as me.  It is so much more functional for us as a family and for me as a crafter.  I’m just in love and can not wait to show it off!  
I’m also excited to share with you my fabric storage solution using foam core and a pin.  It keeps my fabric nice and organized just like one of those fancy schmancy organizers you can buy. And mine did not come any where near costing $11.70 per 6 pack.  Now that I have these great organizers I want to add to my stash, so please tell me – where do you go to get great fabrics are even better prices?

To get inside details of my crafting you can always follow me on Twitter and Facebook (I shared a picture of my Cricut cover last week, as well as some progress shots of the basement).

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