This Saturday is my son’s Monster Bash birthday party.  I spent Sunday working on some Monster Eyeball sugar cookie favors.  I’ve made lots of sugar cookies before, but typically we just decorate them with powdered sugar and milk frosting and drizzle it all over the top – mostly in tye-dye fashion.

So in order to figure out how to really decorate a cookie I did a google search and came across bee in our bonnet’s Basics of Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing.  This was a super informative tutorial and I am grateful that they shared their talents!  Although I did not use their sugar cookie recipe I did use their royal icing one.

I have decided that sugar cookie decorating is not for me.  Too much mess, too much work!  But I am glad I gave it a go!  They didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped, but they weren’t horrible and my son loves them.  That’s really what matters!