When I came across the iDad Father’s Day Card at Charlotte’s Fancy, I knew I needed to get (ok – create) my husband one for Fathers Day.  Let me tell you – the iDad is MUCH cheaper than it’s Father, the iPad!

My husband and I both have iPads and both love them, so this is perfect for him.  But of course, I had to do mine all digital ’cause that’s how I roll.

I took an iPad image, found all the icons I wanted and placed them on it.  I even did the mirror image of the icons on the bottom.  And if you look close it even says iDad in the top left corner. 

And guess what? 

Download the iDad Father’s Day Card via Google Docs!

That’s right! I made it a free download so you can make one too!

Once I printed it on cardstock, I cut it out and used an exacto knife to cut the icons that I wanted to fold up.  I put sticky notes on the backside of the tabs and sprayed the inside cover with adhesive (a glue stick would work well too).  I then took the sticky notes off and stuck the two pieces of card stock together. 
I handed it over to my kiddos to work their magic and we have a sweet little personalized card for dad come Father’s Day!  I am currently customizing a box for the presentation of the iDad.
I love Father’s Day cards!  Last year CRAFT had the coolest Google card that I recreated digitally as well.
Two years ago I created my own original idea – SUPERDAD!