Are you planning a monster bash birthday party for your little one? Look no further for inspiration! We just hosted my son’s 4th birthday party and ran with a Monster Bash Theme. This post will detail a fun-filled monster birthday party, complete with creative food ideas, DIY decorations, and entertaining games.

Monster Bash Birthday Sign

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

First up, here’s the custom invitation that I designed:

Fang-tastic Party Food

I believe that the food table is a centerpiece for any party. Here are some monstrously delicious treats that were a hit:

Watermelon Fruit Monster

This colorful and healthy Watermelon Fruit Monster centerpiece is made entirely of fruits. My cousin, Melissa, was my official birthday party assistant, and she is responsible for this piece of art! I LOVE how it turned out and we received so many comments on it. I also love the creativity of stuffing chocolate chips into raspberries for pupils!

Monster Birthday Water Bottle Labels

We held the party outdoors, so we wanted to make sure to have plenty of water for our guest. I designed and printed some Happy Birthday Monster Bash themed water bottle labels.

Simple homemade monster cake

The Monster Cake was a super easy 10″ round cake, frosted. I added gum for its teeth and Oreos and M&M’s for its eyes.

DIY Monster Cake

SOMEBODY got into the fridge and played with the gum teeth… hence the one funky tooth, but no one is coming forward.  Oh well!

DIY Monster Cupcakes

These easy-to-make Monster Cupcakes are frosted and then decorated with marshmallows for eyes and chocolate chips or M&M’s for pupils. To create the Monster Fur, use a small circle tip on a frosting bag and literally just go all willy-nilly on the cupcake!

I also made monster eyeball sugar cookies. This was my first attempt at using royal icing… and let’s just say I’m thankful I chose eyeballs, because it’s a relatively easy design!

On top of all the fun treats, we had cheese and crackers for snacking. We served hot dogs, hamburgers, egg salad, macaroni salad, and chips, along with pink lemonade and Arnold Palmer.

Boo-tiful Decorations

We held the party outside, so decorations were minimal, but combined with the party foods, it made for a fun party space!

Printable Monster Birthday Banner

I made the Happy Birthday Monster banner and neglected to take a good picture of it – whoops!

Monster Themed Bag Toppers for a Birthday Party

We sent the little monsters home with treat-filled goodie bags decorated with monster-themed toppers that I designed. The bags were filled with monster pencils, monster finger puppets, and a few pieces of candy.

Monster Party Decorations

Lastly, I printed some cute little monsters that I designed onto 12×18 cardstock, cut them out and added them to our garage doors as a cute little welcome to the party!

Monster Photo Booths

DIY Monster Photobooth

I had so much fun creating this green monster photo booth! We named him Mo, and all the kids, and even some adults, enjoyed having their photo taken with him! I did detail how to make this photo booth, in case you want to try it yourself!

DIY Polaroid Frame PhotoboothIn addition to the Monster Photo Booth, I had some props to use with him and the Poloroid Photobooth Frame that I created. The frame was made with a large piece of poster board and hung on twine between two trees. Now onto the photo booth props:

I made Monster Hands using plain dishwashing gloves and puff paint.

Monster Photobooth Props

I also made a headband with googly monster eyeballs. This project is almost as easy as the monster hands! I wrapped a headband with pipe cleaners.  On the end of the pipe cleaners I added pom-poms that had google eyes glued onto them. These were my daughter’s favorite!

Another prop was a dinosaur hat with spikes. Learn how to make your own dinosaur hat by following my tutorial! The last prop was some fun monster mouths. I created the mouths in Illustrator and printed them onto cardstock. I cut them out and glued them onto skewers. The kids had a blast with their monster mouths!

Monster Party Game

Monster Party Favors

I made stuffed monsters as party favors for all of the kids and I used this as a chance to play a game with all of the kids. We used one of the monster stuffies that was shaped like a potato to play HOT MONSTER, a twist on the classic Hot Potato. Play music and have the kids pass the monster around. When the music stops, that child is out of the game for this round. The last person standing picks their monster stuffie first! We kept going until everyone had a monster friend. Each Monster Friend came with a Monster Adoption Certificate and the child got to officially name their monster.

Follow my Monster Friend Stuffie tutorial to make these super easy gifts.

Printable Monster Themed Adoption Certificates

I also made blank Monster Adoption Certificates available as a free download. Save the file to your computer, open it in Adobe Reader and print out however many you need!

Above: Playing a rousing game of Hot Monster!  Our music was too far away so Olivia and I sang with our backs to the kids.  These were the last two standing, and my niece Mel won the game and chose her monster friend first.

A monster bash birthday party was the perfect way to celebrate our little one’s special day. I am stunned that my little boy is already four.  We are so blessed to have a wonderful, healthy child.  He is learning and growing so quickly.  I love watching him play and he is so sweet and helpful with all the little girls at his daycare, lending a hand and giving hugs.  He loves playing with both of his sisters, although a little teasing usually accompanies it (from all parties!).  I am excited to continue to watch him grow and develop and look forward to seeing more of his personality bloom.