I felt like I hit the jackpot when UPS came to my house a few weeks ago and I opened the box to find a TON of products from the new line, Styled by Tori Spelling, available at most major retail craft stores.
 I was pretty excited when I opened the box.  I called my tween daughter upstairs and she was pretty thrilled too.  In fact, she called my mom and my teenage sister and told them they just HAD to see what Mom received in the mail, so they came over and we had an impromptu jewelry making party.  My little sister should be a stylist!  She came up with some cool creations.
 What I like most about this line is it is so easy to change!  It really is 3 little steps to create a unique piece… No tools required!  The best part?  Taking it apart and starting over.  
Alright, let’s create something, shall we?
 1. Pick a necklace top.
 2. Add a necklace bottom with any of the available connectors to complete the necklace.

Wasn’t that easy?  No tools needed.

3. But don’t stop there!  Add a little flair with an accent piece(s).  

Great for those of us interested in making jewelry but without the know-how or tools to do so! 
Let’s revisit… step 1: Necklace Top
Step 2: Necklace Bottom and Connector
Step 3: Add a little flair
And if you want shorter necklaces?  I just used one of the connector pieces to attach one portion of the necklace top to instead of using both pieces.  There are just so many ways to join these pieces together to create a custom look.
  There are also bracelet pieces and toggles and you can interchange the different strands to make one-of-a-kind pieces.  There are even pieces that can be turned into earrings as well.  Seriously, a whole collection to mix and mingle!
Keep in mind this is costume jewelry.  It is a decent quality and definitely has weight to it. Some of the pieces are a little gawdy for my taste, but that’s the great thing – you can buy individual pieces according to your style.  For instance, my mom loved the WHOLE line and didn’t think it was over-the-top at all.
Here are a few more pieces I put together: 
 {can you tell I like the layered look?  That is my personal style, but you can totally add on some of the pendants or the dangles, make it symmetrical or asymmetrical, whatever appeals to you!}
I received two full collections of the four available.
 Glitz Collection:  Glitz is all about sparkling sophistication – in a light, modern palette of silver and white.  Touches of black crystal or shiny black enamel artfully ground a few of the pieces.  Organic shapes, white pearls, shiny silver, subtle metal textures and plenty of sparkling, crystal clear rhinestones help Glitz keep a light, easy-wearing feeling.

Noir Collection: Noir exudes intrigue, thanks to an artful mix of textures, patinas, finishes and accents.  Think sophisticated contrasts like dark, satiny metal beads arranged in chunky-textured clusters… or a simple, modern pendant that glitters with pave marcasite and rhinestones.  Great for dramatic looks – or adding even more interest to any {styled} creation.The color palettes are very similar so mix and matching the two collections was as easy as, well, 1 – 2 – 3!

Wearing one of my creations at work.

The price point on these pieces are pretty reasonable.  The smaller items such as earring posts and connector pieces start at around $3.  The most expensive item in the collection is a necklace bottom topping out at $15, although the majority of the bottoms are priced around $13.

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DISCLAIMER: This post was written as part of a paid campaign with The Blue Social and Darius for Styled by Tori Spelling. I received compensation for writing this post as well as the jewelry you see so that I could put this post together. All opinions are 100% mine.