I’ve been working on my mini kitchen makeover. Still a work in progress but thought I’d share.

It was planned, but did not happen when expected!
To avoid the drama of the the makeover and just see pics, scroll on down!

You see, I emailed my husband while he had the day off last Tuesday.  I told him he would be the best husband ever if he removed the chair rail and border from our kitchen.  I didn’t expect him to actually DO IT!  I thought I would get a sarcastic reply about it being his day off and so not happening!  Well imagine my surprise when I got a phone call at work saying he already had the chair rail off, but the border was being stubborn.  He made it sound like he wasn’t going to finish because he had other stuff to do.  Remember, my son’s party was THAT Saturday and I had 40+ people coming over!  Crap.

 My mind was spinning at this time thinking about how I’d have to spend the evening getting the border off, picking out paint, painting during the evenings, sewing the curtains and faux roman shade, finishing my cedar plank sign and getting some finishing touches… all by Saturday.  When I got home my turkey off a husband had actually finished the WHOLE BORDER, along with patched the holes in the wall from the old fixtures and wall hangings!  Phew!  Yes, I still had a lot to do but it felt more managable with that out of the way….  Tuesday night I sewed up my yellow chevron curtain panels for the back sliding doors.  It took an hour and a half, but they turned out great.  The fabric came from Fabric.com and I LOVE it.

And then… Wednesday came and my husband woke up sick.  The kids couldn’t go to daycare because of an outbreak of Coxsackie that closed the daycare for the rest of the week(thankfully they never got it).  So I worked from home with the 2 little kids, had to bring the dog to the vet since the hubby was sick in bed and had to transport my oldest to daycamp… all while working.  UGH.  But before all that, I sewed up my faux roman shade at 7am!  I also painted the first coat on the walls that evening.

I went with Clark & Kensington Primer plus Paint (ONLY way to go!) from Ace in Greek Column. Turned out to be a WHOLE lot bluer than I anticipated, but I still like the color and the kitchen looks so much bigger now!
Thursday my husband was still sick so again I was working from home with the kids.  That night I finished the painting and once the kids were in bed I ran out to TJ Maxx to pick up some accessories.  I also picked up the tension rods to create the faux roman shade.  I used the tutorial from Imparting Grace.  Lastly, I hung the hardware for the new curtains for the sliding doors.  I had already purchased the curtain rod and hooks a few weeks ago so had those ready to go.
Remember, I knew we were doing the kitchen, but wasn’t expecting to do it for another few weeks so I never got to take before pictures prior to my hubby starting demo.  I KNOW! Major Blogger faux pas! I did scrounge around and found these photos for you:

 {ORIGINAL kitchen – this photo is from our last tour of the home before we purchased it}

Only one I could find to show you the curtain area with the ugly valance and curtain panels!
{this use to be above the dining table, where the love sign is now}
This shows you a little of the chair rail and VERY country border left from the old owner.

And the after:

{My husband has been tasked with raising our chandelier.  It is so low we are constantly bumping our heads – especially my 6’4″ husband!}
Keeping it real – that curtain rod holding up my chevron curtains is cheap!  Can you see the bed in the photo above? I bought it online and had an inkling it wasn’t the greatest because of the price.  I’ll be replacing it before long!

{Don’t you love the sweet little Faux Roman Shade?  See that light above the sink?  That ugly ’90’s thing is going buh-bye and we’ll be installing a new pendant light as soon as it gets delivered!}

Thanks to my facebook peeps for helping me figure out which layout was best for my State print.
I’m in love with it and can’t stop looking at it!

The geometric pattern calendar I made to hang on my fridge.  In my video below I mention that I’ll share some of the other months, but I totally left the file on my drive at work so I’ll share later this week.  I’ll be making it available as a free download too.

My living room is done in much more muted tones, so to help tie the two rooms together I purchased these yellow pillow covers from Look Here Jane. I was ecstatic when they came in.  They are quality material and very well made.  Definitely worth the money.

We still have a pendant light to install above the sink and I’m looking for something to fill one space on the wall but I am totally in love.

I’ve received sooo many compliments on the “All you need is love” wall hanging I created.  I adore it.It turned out exactly as I wanted.Come back on Monday and I’ll share with you how I did it!