Do you have a fancy DSLR camera, but don’t know how to use it? Are you hoping to turn the dial from Auto to Manual? Then you’ll want to keep reading!
Last year I purchased Kristen Duke’s “Say No to Auto” Beginner’s Photography book that helped me a ton with shooting amazing outside shots. For example, I was able to take this pretty picture of my daughter in her Sofia dress, all in manual mode, after reading Kristen’s Book:
Now Kristen is making it even easier than ever! She has just released her “Say No to Auto” Video Workshop, where she walks you through the book and answers commonly asked questions. If you already own the book and feel comfortable photographing using her three rules, then you do not need this video. If you have a hard time reading through something and having it “click”, then this video might help keep the glaze from your eyes! The eBook pages are embedded into the video, but I would recommend buying the book in conjuction with the video. You’ll want to have it handy in your camera bag when you are first learning the tricks that Kristen shares.

Even though I’ve had the book for a while now and it has helped me tremendously, the video did help me really realize the need of following Kristen’s steps in order. It make’s shooting a photography so much easier and after watching the video it really sank in about what each setting does.
I think I’m definitely ready to check out her intermediate book, Get Focused!

Kristen travels all over the US doing live workshops that cost $150 to attend. Her video is just $60 and you can watch it as many times as needed, until the tips and tricks sink in!
Visit the “Say No to Auto” Beginner Photography Video Workshop page of Kristen’s site for more info and to purchase the video or either of Kristen’s eBooks. 
Kristen is offering seven thirty three readers $10 off when you use promo code “733BLOG10” at checkout. She is also gracious enough to offer you guys a chance to win the Video Workshop!
And if you purchase the video, but then win, she’ll refund your money!
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