My kids and I were driving home from daycare earlier this week.  I was jamming to some music and listening to them chatting in the back seat.  They were jibber-jabbering away and then one of them says “Hmmmm.  I wonder when we’ll get our letters from Santa?” and off they went about what the letters would say, and who would get coal and who wouldn’t.



Isn’t funny the things kids remember each year?  We are going to Santa’s Village next weekend, so I’m going to wait until after that, and then I’ll print up some letters and get them in the mail.  Can’t disappoint them!
And because this is the season of giving I have the blank Santa letterhead available for your download.  You get can that here. UPDATE: I have also made it available for download via Google Docs. I bet it won’t surprise you that this is one of my most popular downloads, behind my weekly meal planner and a few others.