{more advice then how-to, but you know…}

Do you host weekly link parties?  We all like a good link party – a place to link up our projects for exposure, and of course a place to find creativity – fun projects, ideas for our own homes, etc.

But how can you do that if the thumbnails are so tiny that you can’t even see them?  I made sure that when I made the switch to a thumbnail link party (remember just text link parties, CRAZY!), that I made the thumbnails nice and large.  Mine are 120×120 and fit 4 across my post space.  And do you know how many THANK-YOU’s I get from my readers?  I’m telling you, they truly appreciate being able to SEE what is linked up!  People take the time to say thank you for the large thumbnails and that too many linky owners set their thumbnails to such a small size that they don’t even hang out after linking up!

You are taking the time and paying out the money to have a linky party, so why not make it the best, user-friendly party available?
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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