I have been dying to share my daughters room reno with you for the last couple of weeks, but since it is was my final submission for the Cricut Design Space Star Challenge Finals, I couldn’t share ANY of it with you! TOMORROW is the day and I can’t wait to show you what I did! In preparation for that, I’m sharing the BEFORE version of her room with you!

Little Girls RoomTo start, my daughters room isn’t very large, only about 12×12. Add in the fact that one of her walls is windows and the other is doors, there are so many layouts one can accomplish. The BEFORE was a cluttered space that hadn’t really seen an update besides her crib being swapped for a bed and bringing in an old dresser we had when her white one’s drawers basically fell apart!

Little Girls Room with Loft Bed and SlideAs you can see, Olivia has a love of stuffed animals. She only has one small space in her bed to sleep – literally a little nest. The net above her bed doesn’t really contain them, she usually just pulls them down and into her bed… I actually put them back in the net just to take this picture!

Child's RoomI really didn’t want to show you the inside of her closet… I actually even forgot to take a picture of it… until my friend asked me to send him one when I was discussing my plans for it…. so deep breath, here it goes:

Messy ClosetI didn’t even pretty it up for you. This is about how it looks. Hand me downs that are too big spilling out of the bin, dress up clothes and baby doll clothes littering the floor and falling out of the industrial stacking bins, the shelves overflowing and disorganized. I had BIG plans for this closet and love the end result. Wait until you see how nice it looks NOW! I’m certainly not embarrassed anymore.

When Olivia was three she was having a hard time staying in her own bed. She was scared and would rather sleep in her brother or sisters rooms. In order to entice (OK, BRIBE) her to stay in her own room we asked her what it would take… and she told us a slide. The suckers that we are, fell for it and bought one… and then she ended up moving into her brothers room for about a year and a half! When I started talking about redoing her room I asked if I could take out the slide and she said NO WAY! Alrighty then… guess I’ll work around it!

Little Girls RoomThe Little Mermaid picture was moved from her older sisters room about a year ago… it didn’t match the decor, but she loved it and really wanted it in her room. Both of my girls have a love for anything Mermaids. My older daughter has a mermaid tail for the pool… they both have Mermaid jewelry and love watching any Mermaid shows, including H20 and Splash! As you can also see, Olivia has a love of fire hydrants, and if you’re a follower of seven thirty three you probably remember we had a Fire Hydrant themed party for her 5th birthday! The fire hydrant you see outside her door was another requirement that had to stay in her room.

Child's HutchMy Memere and Pepere made this hutch for Olivia when she was under a year old. It houses her knick-knacks and books. It is very special to both of us and we refer to it as her Pepere Hutch. She also has a Pepere Box and Pepere Shelf, and even the cradle he made for my baby dolls when I was two years old. We treasure each and every piece. All of my kids, and even myself, have several pieces in their rooms that my Pepere and Memere made.

Child's Snow Globe CollectionLastly, this is Olivia’s Snow Globe Collection that was started by my mom on Olivia’s First Christmas.

OK, as you can see, the room was cute but definitely needed to be decluttered and brought up to speed for my growing 5 year old. I wanted a room that she could love now, but also grow into. I especially wanted to work on utilizing her closet better, because that was just an embarrassing mess. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the AFTER photos!