We all know what a time suck Pinterest can be, but every now and again you come across a Pin that really speaks to you, and that you really, really want to try. That is what happened when I came across some Mama Bird Necklaces from Love Stitched. I don’t typically make a ton of jewelry so I had to do a supply run, but I’m so happy I did, because these were easy to make and really turned out beautifully.

I made my mom and sister-in-law’s each a necklace and added them to their gifts for Christmas. Don’t worry, I made myself one too.  My little sister had already seen mine and loved it, so  I made her one using the same idea, but instead of making it a “nest” I just did loose loops around one bead.  I loved it so much I made myself a pair of earrings that matched her necklace. 

They were a big hit and everyone loved them.  So easy and inexpensive to make!  I used 8mm pearls, although 6mm probably would have been easier for my moms which required 6 beads.

How many eggs would you have on your necklace?!