Would you like to get to know a little more about the two women helping me pick the TOP 10 in the Knock It Off contest?  Maybe get to know their style and their likes?  Well here you go:

Hey everyone! I am Mandi @ Vintage Revivals also know as The MacGyver of DIYers. I am a SAHM of 2 daughter and one very lucky/patient husband. I started Vintage Revivals in July 2010 and am seriously shocked at all of the great opportunities that have come from it. Like being awesome enough to go on The Nate Berkus Show. (Who is seriously adorbs in real life BTW).

I am a sucker for a good knock off project and can not wait to see what you guys have up your sleeve!

At this moment I am hosting the biggest giveaway ever in blogland history. It called “Yo Yo! Vintage Revivals Come To My House And Give Me An Epic Makeover” Giveaway Contest. I am actualy going to come to someones house and redo a room on my sponsors dime! Click over when you get a chance to enter…and good luck!


My name is Tausha and I am a Sassy Gal! Or, at least I like to think I am. I have the blog, Sassy Style Redesign. I am addicted to all things that can be spray painted. My glue gun and I are on a first name basis, and I’m really, really trying to get my husband to let me have diet coke on tap at my house! Really, think about it, how awesome would that be?

I get to go on TV and share with people what goes on inside my crazy head, crazy as it is.  The best part about what I do is that I get to be a mom to 3 chickadees who love my craft room, almost as much as their 
mom does. My sweet husband supports my thrifting habit (most of the time) and my spray paint habit and the habit of being a little tense when I really need a diet coke!
 . sassy clan     tausha_8x10
                                                (yes, we look exactly like this!)

I get to “work” with fabulous people! I use the term “work” very loosely. I don’t consider being able to go into someone’s home, look at their treasures, move them around and leave them with a more cozy, inviting and welcoming space, “work.”  I call it a blessing, a joy and pure fabulousness! 

I adore what I do! I am blessed beyond measure and I will fully admit to being addicted to Diet Coke, chocolate and fresh, clean sheets!  Oh and blogging. I love blogging! I love being able to “peak” in on others lives and be inspired by their talents. LOVE this! So thank you all bloggers, aka fantastic women that I stalk-multiple times a day!  (this is the totally normal and healthy kind of “stalking.”) Keep up the great work!
Now go visit these two totally awesome TV stars and let the butt kissing begin! {Don’t we just get the most fabulous judges here at the Knock It Off contest?}