DIY Female Robot Costume
This super high-tech chickie robot is the brain child of my cousin, Mel, and I.  She needed a quick costume for a Halloween party so called on me to help her create a “cool Robot”.  Working for a tech firm has its advantages.  I went to one of my techs and asked him for some old computer parts and we were ready to go.
Mel came to my house with the box cut (arm holes, large hole in the bottom big enough to fit over your body and allow you to walk, hole in the top for your head) and spray painted silver. It was up to me to put the rest together.
In the picture above: The bottom left corner is Robota’s temperature gauge – I simply cut out small rectangles and then glued fabric to the inside of the box.  Right now she is Super Hot, in the “I’m so cool” sense, but one more bar and she will be Explosive Hot… and that is NOT good – see the Warning above the temp?  No one is sure what will happen, but you don’t want to be there if it does!
The “rivets” were added with a paint marker and all the computer parts were hot glued on.  A blank CD was broken in half (not quite the way we expected it to… be careful if you try this!) and then inserted into slits in the side of the box to form the fun, iridescent ears.  The antenna is a spiral binding wire with two beautiful silver bows attached.  The best part of the costume?  LED flashing lights above the main circuit board in the front and on the top of her head.  The lights were once snowflakes that stick to the window that we picked up at the Dollar Store.  We took off the snowflakes and suction cups and poked them through holes in the box.
Of course every computer needs a way to power up! Robota needs to plug in to juice up, and here is how she does it:
Mel was going to get some heating duct work for her arms and legs, but a big box is not always the easiest thing to maneuver in, so black shirt and pants will complete the outfit… and in this picture she is wearing my lovely gardening gloves, but will soon be picking up some pink dish gloves.
We had a BLAST putting this costume together.  Super easy, cheap and fun.
Have you made a costume this year?  Share the link with me, I would love to stop by and check it out!