This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fin Fun Mermaid. All opinions are 100% mine.
The girls in my family have a bit of a mermaid obsession. For me it started with Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I remember at 8 years old two of my cousins and I would sing at the top of our lungs while swimming around Mermaid style in my pool. My oldest has grown up with the same love of Ariel, as well as all mermaids. She loves anything mermaid – necklaces, charms, posters, figures. And it looks like my youngest is headed into the same.
Two years ago my daughter requested a Mermaid Tail for Christmas. My MIL ended up buying her one and she LOVED it. Wore the thing right out, so when Fin Fun Mermaid contacted me asking if I would be interested in giving one of their tails away, I immediately jumped on the idea. I figured others out there must have the same love as my girls. The best part about the giveaway is the end date! It will end on December 20, allowing Fin Fun Mermaid to get the tail and monofin in the mail just in time for Christmas. Pretty sure most little girls would love to wake up with this under the Christmas tree!
The monofin is what makes this tail life-like. Without it, the tail is straight fabric, and although it still is neat and you get the mermaid swim effect, the monofin creates the flourish of the tail so that it stays spread out around the feet.

My daughter received the Purple Sky Mermaid Tail with monofin. We love the way the fabric sparkles in the light and can only image how pretty it will look underwater. She is dying to hit up an indoor pool to give it a try! The monofin is NOT sewn into the tail so can easily be removed as needed. The tail is open on the end and designed to fit snug around the monofin, though it can be seen at some points during movement. You could always easily add a bit of velcro to keep the end shut if you wished, though I don’t think it’s going to be a problem for my daughter.

The tails are made of high quality swimsuit material, which are both chlorine and salt water resistant.
The material sparkles in shines in the sunlight, creating a truly magical look. Following the care instructions is imperiative to give your tail a longer lasting life. Don’t walk on the tail, don’t ring the tail out, but rather squeeze then rinse with cold water, and NEVER put it in the dryer. Want to complete the look? Fin Fun Mermaid also offers matching bikini and tankini tops! They offer sizes from Toddler to Women.Plus, as an added bonus, they sell tails for both American Girl Dolls and Barbies!
Your little girl can match her favorite doll.

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