The color, not the food.  I am! I have a mustard Kaboo bag, a mustard belt, mustard pillows in my family room.  I’ve had a chambray shirt for a while now and I’ve really wanted a mustard scarf but haven’t been able to find one.  Right after Christmas I purchased a really cute Chambray shirt dress from Old Navy. I spruced it up with a brown leopard print belt and my brown riding boots…. but I still really wanted a cute scarf! I also just purchased a really cute navy blue stripped maxi skirt from The Chic Orchid.  I plan to wear with a white long sleeve shirt with it and again a mustard scarf would look so cute!  
Obviously I REALLY NEED a mustard scarf.
Since I’ve looked and looked and haven’t found one, I took it into my own hands!


I ran to Joann’s and picked up 1.5 yards of mustard knit fabric which was 30% off. Layered on my 15% off total purchase coupon and ran out the door.  I’m not going to do a tutorial because Sweet C’s Designs already has a fabulous one and I basically followed the same idea, although I cut my fabric in half lengthwise and then cut it in half again, whereas she only folded hers in half, so she has a thicker scarf. I recommend buying 2 yards and then you can skip the step of sewing two strips together! Doing it my way you can get 2 scarfs out of the one fabric purchase.
Here’s a really dark outdoor picture of my entire outfit:

As Phil Robertson would say, it makes me happy, happy, happy!
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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