I’ve been on a hair kick lately.  I’m loving both Pinterest and YouTube as there is so many great hair inspirations on both sites. I’m certainly not a hair dresser, and sometime my long, super thick hair can be hard to manage! Either way, below are some Stylish Hair Styles from around the web that I’ve tried and loved.

I tried the sock bun – which I love rockin’ during the day, and if I’m being lazy, the wave it provides the following day is nice too.  My daughter and little sister both were WOW’ed the first time they saw me with my hair this way – I didn’t think it was THAT special, but they loved it. (The above bun was thrown together with dry hair prior to physical therapy so it isn’t the best example, but I love the ‘do!). 

I got the bright idea for a mini sock bun, so I clipped the toe off one of little munchkins mismatched socks and voila, you have a mini-me! The sock showed through a tiny bit, but it was too cute!

I also gave the no-heat curls with an elastic band tutorial a try, but it didn’t work for my hair… my hair is straight with curls underneath and it does not like to behave.  We did try it out on my daughter last night with much better results:

She loved the result and can’t wait to wear her hair this way again.

My sister asked me to style her hair recently so I did a small french braid with a cute clip:

And my 2 year old got to rock her own french braid pig tails:

But most of the time I wear my hair like this:

{although this was a no blow dry/straightener, no product day and I do typically do both of those}
I really need to make my hair work with some of these:

Braided Ponytail by Hair Romance – this blog chronicles 30 styles in 30 days!
I probably could swing this – but my hair is so thick and layered, it would be hard to do on myself.  I can french braid my own hair though, so I have that going for me.

Messy Side Ponytail by A Cup of Jo – this site is all about amazing hairstyles!
Love how boho-chic this is.

This is the perfect Everyday Hairstyle from The Beauty Department – it looks easy but I don’t think it would hold in my hair.
So tell me, how have you been wearing your hair?  Share the inspiration!