{Image courtesy of funky junk interiors}

  I fell in love with this desk at Funky Junk Interiors.  I sent the image to my husband and told him I would love a smaller one like this in my bedroom.  He responded with “you’re kidding, right?”  I told him I was serious and he said, “Huh.  Well then we have totally DIFFERENT tastes.”  

I said fine, then I’d be OK with just two planks going in the other direction, rather than a bunch of smaller ones and he agreed on that.  I told him I would leave the design to him since he was “hmmming” and “haaainnng” over building it.  

This is what I came away with:
{HE HE! Can you tell the paint wasn’t totally dry on my wall?!? OOPS!}


Humongosaur (for you Ben10 fans).
These are the words that crossed my mind when my husband presented me with my desk….

It is GINORMOUS!  Much bigger than I wanted… really quite a monstrosity.  I actually wanted something 6′ long, which is what I got, but this is much wider (36″ wide) than the cute little petite (maybe 16″ wide) writing desk I had pictured.  But what am I going to do?  He spent all morning building it and he loves it, so I love it too.  That’s how marriage works, right?  Give and take… {I have now had the desk a few days and I actually enjoy the size!  It fits perfectly in its spot and I have wrapped presents, cut fabric and more on this desk and the size just works!)

{Clock – my great TJ Maxx find; Sea shells from our trip to NC in 2004; Votive holder – gift from MIL}

The positive: It is a great crafting space, it is a great blogging space, it provides lots of shelving space, it is the perfect place for the kids to hang and color or do homework while I’m relaxing or folding laundry in my room, and I have lots of space beneath it.

Because there is so much space under it I thought a small cabinet would be perfect.  I took this old nightstand my Pepere made me as a kid and I painted it white.  I think it fits perfectly and will hold our bills and such.

I am scouring Craigslist for a traditional, rounded back dining room chair that I can paint white and my desk will be complete!

Still waiting for our new LCD flat screen TV to arrive so I can get rid of our old one and free up the space for my sitting area.  Once that happens I’ll give you the full tour of my Master!