I have had a corkboard in my kitchen since we moved in… actually the old owners left it and we just kept it.  I don’t necessarily like it, but my daughter got into the habit of putting her star homework up there and then the stamps got pinned up, and some business cards, and some pictures and then it just seemed like I couldn’t take it down – even though it looked messy and bothered me.

I started thinking a while back that I should try to find something that combined a memo board, corkboard and a place for my mail (which my husband leaves all over my counter, junk mail and all – SO ANNOYING).  I started looking but came up empty handed.  Although I did find a nifty magnetic bin that I put on the side of the fridge for the mail.  So now my center had less requirements and when I hit a local craft store and found plain wood 12×12 craft frames, corkboard, magnetic and calendar tiles I knew I wanted THAT in my kitchen!

I painted the frames a mauve – it was suppose to be a dark cranberry, but I didn’t have the right paint and just started mixing and ended up with this color, which turns out to match AND I like it!  I dry brushed on some green, added some twine embellishments and ended up with this:

The corkboard had a sticky back so that was just placed inside the frame.  I glued the magnetic sheet, scrapbook paper and calendar tile with hotglue.  Added some picture hooks and popped them on my wall.
TOTAL COST: $21 – not too shabby!
And a view from the hall:

(see those awful tan light switches and plate – might not look awful to you, but we hate them!  I am glad to say THEY ARE GONE!  We are slowly switching them all over to white and my husband has finished the entire kitchen outlets!)
I like the end result and now my old corkboard can go in the trash… It had to  be moved anyway since we are adding a couple of pass-through windows into our living room.
What do you use for a kitchen command center?