Me and my future husband – I was 17, he was 20.
How cute are our matching visors and his staple Oakleys? HAHA.
I’ve decided to get a little more personal and share the story behind me and my hubby’s marriage.
We’ve been together for 14 years, and married for ten TODAY!
Jake and I met when I was 16 and he was 20… I was a junior in high school, he worked for the USPS.
I still remember the day we met. I was working for a telephone survey firm with his best friend Jeremy, who was hilarious and obnoxious at the same time. Jake came into the office to pick Jeremy up and I remember thinking, “Oh lord. Who is this guy kidding? socks with sandals?!?” But secretly I thought he was cute, even with the socks. Weeks went by and we would run into each other in passing, but we never really talked. I remember I had a crush on his other friend and was telling my cousin Melissa all about these boys. 
One day my friend and I were “cruising the strip” listening to music and beat-bopping away when we drove past Jeremy and Jake, and the former flagged us down. Jeremy said they were going to be having a party and invited us to join them. Michelle, my friend, was a bit reluctant since she didn’t really know anyone that was going, but she saw I really wanted to go, so she agreed.  That was the first time Jake and I really talked and the spark was struck. I started falling for him hard, thinking about him and hoping to run into him at work. I started hanging out more with his crowd of friends and was always keeping my eyes open for him.  
A few weeks passed and Jeremy called me one night at about 8pm to see if I wanted to join him and Jake at a friends house. I agreed, but had to check with my parents. They said I could go but I had to be home at 10pm. 10! My curfew was usually midnight with my friends on the weekends, but  they didn’t know these boys, other than the fact that they were older than me, so 10 it was. Looking back, I’m surprised they let me go at all. 
Turns out the boys weren’t actually staying in our hometown and drove about 45 minutes away! Crap, was my first thought. How am I going to explain THIS to my parents? I was suppose to call and check in, but didn’t because I couldn’t explain the phone number (in my dumb teenage mind I figured they wouldn’t worry because they never had before… DUH! They KNEW my friends and where they lived… these guys were strangers to them!). I was typically a good kid; I was mature for my age, had good grades, never broke the rules, went to school and worked 30-35 hours a week. My parents trusted me and I had come home late before from friends houses and they didn’t really mind… of course they had known those friends for years and knew where I was and who I was with.
  Midnight came and went and I started to panic. I went to Jeremy but he refused to leave the party. Jake didn’t really know me all that well and Jeremy was really the one who invited me, so I wasn’t his top priority. But he finally stepped up to the plate and offered to bring me home, and told Jeremy it was time to go. Jeremuy STILL refused so Jake decided to get me home and left him there! He drove me home and we pulled into my driveway at almost 2am… we said a quick goodbye and I dashed into the house, prepared to run down to my room… except my parents were waiting for me. Crap on toast! 
And BOY were they MAD. My parents never spanked, they never yelled… but this night – they yelled. My dad was so angry, I had never seen him like that. I was grounded for two weeks, school and work was all I was allowed. No phone, no friends. I scampered down to my bedroom as soon as I could and hid.  The next morning my mom told me my dad actually cried he was so scared. I’ve seen my dad cry only a handful of times (at the death of his father and brother). I was shocked! It just didn’t occur to me that they would even notice I was late (hello?!?). They had actually called the police they were so worried! Obviously I realize now how dumb I was that night. I was a good kid and like I said, I always made good decisions, had good grades, was worried to let my parents down or have people think bad things of me. But my parents always knew who and where I was, so I could sometimes get away with minor infractions… turns out this wasn’t minor! 

That put a hamper on seeing Jake the next few weeks, though we did manage to see each other when I left work for the day and headed to my car. Just a few minutes, but I noticed he was always there when I got out. Finally after the two weeks we started hanging out on my days off. We would drive around, go for walks or hang out in a group. It was obvious that we liked each other and it became a sort of group joke of who would finally give in and ask the other out.
About 3 weeks after the night I was grounded, Jake and I went to the movies with my cousin, Nikki, and Jeremy to see the Matrix. I sat next to Jake and the whole time he kept whispering to me, “So, when are you going to ask me out.”  I would whisper back, “Shhhhh!” and concentrate on the movie. It was fun and silly and exciting and I told myself I wouldn’t ask him out! But by the end of the credits he had yet to ask me, so I finally broke down and asked him… and of course he said yes. Later I found out he and Jeremy had a little wager… Jake said he would get me to ask HIM out by the end of the movie (Jeremy said I wouldn’t). The plan was if he didn’t get me to, he would ask me out after the credits ran. Turns out he won that bet….

Fast forward 4 years and we got married. I was 20. I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment with my new husband. I worked full time and two months after our wedding I entered into my fourth year of college. There were lots of changes in the next few years, including taking in a foster child after 8 months of marriage and adopting her 8 months later! It has been quite the ride and we’ve enjoyed almost every minute of it. We’ve have three beautiful kids together, a lovely home, and a marriage built on mutual trust and companionship. What more could a girl ask for?

On the plane to Jamaica to celebrate our 10th in March 2013!
I should note it took a full year for Jake to win my parents over after their first meeting of him (the infamous late night)! Seriously, my Dad barely said two words to him the whole year. But after a year went by and our relationship was only getting stronger, I guess they decided that this guy was here to stay… and turns out he was a pretty darn good guy!

Happy Creating! ~Kim
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