If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw a bit of crazy overload last week while I was away from my family. I was in Salt Lake City, Utah attending Snap. The conference is a place for creative bloggers to get together and learn, network, and make friendships. It really was a whirlwind of a time, but for those that may be interested, here is a bit of my experience.

Snap Roomies: Nancy from Do Small Things with Love, Me, Shannah from Just Us Four  and Ashley from My Craftily Ever After

I was incredibly lucky to pair up with some great gals as roomies, met up with some blogging friends that I have known online for years, as well as was introduced to all sorts of creative peeps and brands.
I only really “knew” one of my roomies before heading to Snap, but I wasn’t too nervous since we had been chatting via Facebook and email the last few months. I’m sure rooming with an unknown person can be anxiety provoking, but I think it was kind of fun learning and meeting new people.

 1. Registration on the first day – this was such a whirlwind of a time!
2. There was this amazing wood cut out of the US and we tacked our business card to our state. It was fun to see it fill up and see where everyone was from. My business card took up my whole state. Good thing I was the only one from Vermont!
3. I was so excited to finally meet Heidi from Happiness is Homemade and Jen from Four Marrs One Venus. We had a great time in a jewelry making class… even though Heidi and I utterly failed at the first bracelet attempt. It made for some great laughs.
4. Closing Dinner – The chandeliers in the Little America Hotel are gorgeous!
5. I am lucky to be part of the Sugar Bee Crafts Contributor team. I’ve done Google Hangouts with these ladies, so meeting them IRL was amazing. Ariean from One Krieger Chick, Katie from Made to be a Momma, Shannah from Just Us Four, Me, Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts, Nancy from Do Small Things with Love, and Carissa from Carissa Miss
6. Listening to Noelle Pikus-Pace, Olympian
7. The amazing Alex Boye, YouTube sensation

Other ladies I want to mention, though I don’t have pictures:
Viv from The V Spot. I absolutely love her and was so happy that she saw me in the airport on my way home and invited me to brunch with a bunch of other lovely ladies!
Bev from Flamingo Toes is such a sweetheart – I think even more so in real life!
Kristin from Yellow Bliss Road – Kristin and I message back and forth on Facebook a ton, so getting to actually chat with her, for even just a few minutes was great.

I know I’m forgetting a ton of great people. Honestly everyone I met was wonderful and I just enjoyed all of the new connections, as cliche as that sounds.

 It truly is an inspiration being around such talented women, doing what they love and having fun doing it. The sponsor booths were all so amazing and the company representatives were so friendly. It was great to connect with them, learn more about their products, the new things they were coming out with and how they enjoy working with crafters.

When starting this blog, I did so as a hobby, a creative outlet and a place to share the fun things that pop into my head… I had no idea what it could turn into. I certainly didn’t realize I would need to be a techie, a photographer, and an accountant on top of being a creative personality. The classes at Snap help make things a little clearer. Just being around others that “get” what you do is enough to make the three days worth it!

The dinner speakers were auh-mazing and truly inspirational.
We basically had a private concert from YouTube sensation, Alex Boye.
He is an amazing entertainer and had the crowd pumped.
My personal favorite was listening to Noelle Pikus-Pace, US Olympian in Skeleton, tell her story.
I watched her in this years Olympics and was touched by her story. She seemed like such an amazing woman that knew the true meaning of hard-work, dedication and family and managed to make the three coincide. Listening to her story and the tragic accident that almost cut her career short, I had tears in my eyes. But mostly listening to her speak and the true passion in her voice and the choices she made was what resonated most with me. Even though she was severely injured and could easily have given up, she chose to move on, to rehab and to come back to finish 2nd at the 2014 Olympics! I especially loved rewatching her emotional outburst after completing her race. The love she had for her family, her faith and her fans shone bright. Visit Noelle Pikus-Pace’s website for more information on her story.
On the last day we were fortunate to hear from Today’s Mama founder Rachael Herrscher.
Hearing  how she grew her website to what it was today was truly inspirational. And her closing message, “What WE become makes all the difference”, is just so spot on.

Although I’m not into the manufactured fun, I did enjoy the parties that were held on Thursday and Friday. The 80’s PJ Party had some great music, some fun photo booths and some delicious donuts! Cricut did an amazing job setting the stage for this great party that also enabled us to network and meet lots of the 525 attendees. I also enjoyed walking around checking out all the amazing doors that were decorated for the Scotch Door Challenge. We almost forgot that we weren’t the only one’s in the hotel… until we hopped on the elevator with a gentleman that told us he felt he was in a “Time Warp”.

The 80’s Dance Party was a ton of fun as well. I haven’t danced like that or for that long for years!
You can check out some of my dance moves in my girl Mackenzie’s awesome Snap Recap video on her blog, Girl Loves Glam. A shout-out to Duck Tape for hosting and the awesome 80’s slap bracelets!


Left – Right; The crazy amount of awesome business cards I collected. I’m still making my way through these; My craft room was up on the Home Depot DIY Hall of Fame when I walked into the Home Depot room. It was need to see all of the amazing projects other bloggers have created; I WON a giveaway from Charmed Collections, so on top of the awesome conference necklace we all received, I also got a Never Give Up necklace, an adorable zippered pouch and a Utah Truffle! I hardly EVER win, but this conference I won TWO giveaways! Good things are suppose to come in threes, so I’m crossing my fingers that I win the lottery next. HAHA!

I didn’t nearly take enough pictures! In fact, I had to steal a couple of the above from my friends.
I know there are a few more out there of me floating around and hopefully I can steal those as well.
That will be my goal if I attend again. Take all sorts of pictures of the amazing space, the sessions, all the amazing women I meet, so if you see me next year, just plan to smile!

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