I am super excited to report that Olivia, my two year old, is really starting the potty training process.  She showed interest at about 18 months, but we never made it far… just a little here and there.  At almost 25 months she is ready to begin and I am right there with her!  My son was fully potty trained by 28 months, so I am hoping we can beat that and be a DIAPER FREE household.

The thing that really encouraged my son was his potty chart.  Each time he used the pot and actually poo’d or pee’d we gave him a star to stick on his chart.  We told him once he filled all the spots we would convert his crib into a big boy bed.  That was all the encouragement he needed.  He filled his chart, got his big boy bed and continued on with great success.  We are trying the same tactic with Olivia and so far she is really into the idea of having a big girl bed.  I created a simple chart for her and we will begin the process of filling the 70 spots so that her crib can be converted.

Here is hoping to great success!  And even though it is a simple chart, I thought I would share it with all you other mommy’s out there.  So click here to get your very own Olivia the Pig Potty Chart.  And here’s hoping your Monday isn’t TOO manic.