Now that the all-new series, Outlander, has aired its premiere episode on Starz, I thought I would check in to find out what you thought! You may remember how excited I was when I first watched the show – I even went full out fangirl and made myself an Outlander Inspired Je Suis Prest Shirt!

Jamie Fraser - Outlander

As I mentioned before, you do not have to be a fan of the best-selling series by Diana Gabaldon to enjoy this series. And you also do not have to be female. The opening credits and music may make it seem a bit like estrogen-overload, but that is not the case. The meat of the story that follows is a strict code of honor and fighting to protect ones family, along with an epic romance. Although having read all of the books allows me to sit back and not expend additional brain power on the intrigues of the show, since I essentially have an outline of where things go. Of course that is unless it starts to take a sharp right turn, as is the case with HBO’s True Blood, or even a sloping left turn like Game of Thrones’. I do, however, get to analyze and evaluate the characters, their appearances, their accents, their relations, all of the nitty-gritty of the show. Myself, along with Diana’s loyal followers will probably be the biggest critics of the show, because we have fallen in love with the cast of characters many times over. But honestly, of the two episodes I have viewed, I have been happy. I can even look over the fact that Jenny’s eyes were not blue, can you?

Outlander's Claire and Frank Randall

By now if you watched, you know the plot of the show – Claire Randall has traveled to Scotland with her husband Frank for a “second honeymoon” after being apart for a number of years due to both being members of the military during World War II. While visiting some standing stones she accidentally falls through time and ends up 200 years in the past. Her goal upon waking and being whisked away by a local clan is to keep her head down and try to fit in as best as possible while trying to make her way back to her own time and her husband.

#Outlander on Starz

So tell me, what was your favorite scene? I enjoyed the scene where Claire first meets Jamie in the shack. I thought that was shot really well. I also really enjoyed the shots of them riding on the horse. Those scenes are also about the time where the pace picked up a bit and it suited me more.

The second episode, which will be airing this Saturday at 9pm EST on Starz, picks up dramatically in pace than that of the first episode. Diana had a great way of building momentum in the books, and then pulling back to set a scene, sort of like ebbs and flows of life. I suspect that the producers of the show will also have wanted to follow this approach. I feel like it will lead to greater character development and will truly allow one to immerse themselves in the Outlander world for the entire hour long show. Want a sneak preview? Check out this preview that is available on three different screens. UPDATE: I just saw on the Outlander Facebook page that Outlander has been picked up for a second season!

I have always wanted to travel to Scotland. Always. From the moment I learned I was of Scottish decent a visit has been on my bucket list. These books and this show has only intensified that desire. Seriously, the minds behind this show have taken the time to really capture the beauty that is Scotland.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Time Warner Cable. The opinions and text are all mine.