Halloween is about a month and a half away and I am in full costume creation mode.  We’ll be gone to Florida in Mid-October so I want to get everything done ahead of time so I have no worries.  My two youngest children decided they wanted to be Peppa and Daddy Pig from the Nick Jr. show “Peppa Pig”.  I thought this would be a super simple, AND cute costume idea.

Peppa’s costume is very simple to create.  She just wears a little red shift dress and either black shoes or yellow boots.  I grabbed a yard of red felt and created a pull over dress that only required TWO SEAMS.  Doesn’t get any easier, right?  Pair it with a pink sweatsuit for warmth and super simple pig ears, nose and tail and you have the perfect Peppa Pig Costume!

Peppa Pig Costume
Two yards red felt
Sewing Machine
Red Thread
Measuring Tape
To create the dress – measure your child to determine the length of the dress. Double that measurement and trim your felt to size. EXAMPLE: If your child’s measurement is 24″ you would double it to 48″ and trim your 2 yards of felt down to 48″ long.
Fold the felt in half so that you have a fold at the top where the head would be, creating two layers of felt.
Fold the felt in half lengthwise this time. Using a tank top that fits your child, fold it in half and lay the fold against the long fold of the felt and lined up to the top of the dress. 
Trace around the armpit area (making a J) extending a 1/2 inch.
Cut out the armpit area and continue cutting down the length of the felt. You want to create an A line all the way down the length of the dress.
Unfold the dress lengthwise so that both layers of felt lay flat, the two pieces should be connected by a fold at the top. Now we will determine where to place the neck hole area. To do this, I used the same tank top as before. I just measured the strap size and then carefully cut a wide “U” shape, making sure that the front dipped down a bit lower than the back. 
Lastly, sew down each side, starting at the bottom of the armpit and going all the way to the bottom of the dress.  Turn right side out and you are done. 
EASY AS PIE!  Don’t sew?  You could totally create this dress with felt and hot glue.  No joke.

Create your piggy tail and hot glue it to the rear of the dress. 

Finish by creating a  pig nose and ears.

I also made “Hello!  My name is” nametags that I am going to put on the kids that say “Peppa Pig” and “Daddy Pig” just because many people who don’t have young children don’t know this show.
My son’s costume was a little bit more complicated, but still super easy. The measurement’s for this costume fit my 5 year old son. I purchased 2 yards of blue felt and I had plenty left over.
2 yards blue felt
Blue Thread
Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape
First we need to create 23″ circles. To do this I folded the felt in 4ths, so that you have a right-angled corner to work with. I did not cut the 2 yards of felt first, I just carefully folded it so that all of the extra felt was towards the top. Measure 11.5″ from the center fold, marking every few inches to create a curve until you reach the other side.


Cut along your curved dotted line to create a circle when unfolded.  Repeat these steps until you have 4 circles.
Lay two circles, one on top of the other, and sew using a .25″ seam. Make sure to leave a 5″ gap to turn right side out. Repeat for the last two circles.
Stuff to desired “chunkiness”, but don’t overstuff!  Once your child is in it, it will balloon out more, promise! Using your sewing machine, or just hand sew, close the 5″ gap.
Now you are going to hand sew the front and back of the costume together. I sewed it along the shoulders and down the sides, leaving an opening for the head and arms and a large gap on the bottom so the body and legs have a place to go!   I started with the shoulders and then had my son try it on and marked where I should start and end on the sides so that I had the perfect fit.
Once that was done, I glued on his piggy tail, added his nose and ears and a pair of black circle glasses I picked up on Amazon for $5 and some black shoes.  I also dyed a gray sweatsuit pink for his “skin”… although it turned out a bit more purple… but hey, I was trying to use what I had on hand!  We will also add some “Daddy Whiskers” with eyeliner when the big day comes. Aren’t they a cute piggie pair?