He he he!  Poor Christina Marie got her belt stuck on our fan and had to hang upside down all.day.long!
But she got an eagle eye view of the days proceedings and apparently she was concerned with what she saw because this morning the kids found her here:

{click image for a larger view}

She managed to hack into my password protected computer and wrote Santa an email that says:
“Dear Santa,  I’m sorry I didn’t make it back to the North Pole tonight.  My belt got snagged on the fan and it took me all night to get unstuck.  The Conner kids are being good. However, they are fighting a bit amongst each other.  If they keep fighting they might need a bit of coal in their stockings.  I sure hope they start being nicer to each other so that doesn’t happen!  Love, Christina Marie Pop-in-Kins”

My kids bicker on and off, it’s just what they do, but this last week it has gotten TIRESOME!  I know it is the excitement of the Holidays, the crazy schedules, etc. and we’ll get back on track once we are into January!  But until then… maybe the fear of coal will keep them in line. HA!
Happy Creating! ~Kim