My daughter LOVES to play school. She plays it with her friends and she plays it with her stuffed animals. I am constantly finding papers all over her room that she created so that she could be more like a teacher: report cards, daily schedules, calendars, and homework assignments. I thought that she would be delighted if I created her a Pretend Play Printable School Kit that had all of the school essentials, and boy was I right! I printed her off this School Kit, put everything together, and handed it to her in a folder and she brought it straight to daycare so that she and her two friends could play. Right off the bat, I saw that the time and effort I put into this kit was well worth it. I know that I was the same way as a child – I loved playing pretend adult activities. My mom used to have this huge briefcase and lots of old tri-copy paperwork and my brother and I would play “salesman” for hours! So if you have a child that loves playing school, then this Pretend Play Printable School Kit is for you!

Pretend Play Printable school Kit includes grade books, report card, attendence, spelling sheets, calendar and more!

The kit includes:

Printable Pretend Report CardsReport Cards – 4 per 8.5 x 11 page, your child will be able to send home report cards for all of their students!

Printable Pretend Attendance Sheet

Attendance Sheets – keep track of who was in class with this 4 per 8.5 x 11 page attendance tracker!

Printable Pretend Play Grade BookPrintable Pretend Play Grade Book - Inside Pages

Grade Book – this little book is simple to put together: print out the cover page and then several double-sided pages of the two inside pages. Cut out, fold, and staple in place and your child will be just like a teacher keeping track of their student’s learning!

Hall Pass – school isn’t school without a hall pass!

Spelling Test Sheets – simple sheets with a space for a name and 10 spelling words – a classic throwback!


Printable Pretend School Calendar

Calendar with “Stickers” – this blank calendar sheet is just waiting for your child to add the month and dates. Use the calendar “stickers” to mark birthdays and other special days.


Printable Reading Awards

Reading Awards – your child can celebrate all that their students have learned with this simple reading award!

Printable Practice Analog Clock

Clock – a classroom isn’t complete without an analog clock! Use the provided clock and hands and a brass paper fastener to put this clock together for “hours” of fun!

What Season Is It? Activity – your child and her students will enjoy exploring the seasons with this simple “what season is it?” activity sheet! All you need is the print out and a paper clip.

Your little teacher is sure to have hours of fun with this School Kit and you’ll be able to replenish their classroom with just a few clicks of a button whenever you need!

Download the Printable School Kit in pdf format below. For personal use only. Do not alter.

School Kit for Kids

Printble School Kit for Kids