Is it just me, or is it super difficult to pin-point exactly what your spouse {or loved ones!} need… right when they need it? Please say it’s not just me. The Dating Divas have put together a fantastic new product, Printable “Open When…” Love Letters to do just that! Genius, right?

The Perfect Open When... LettersKiki, of Kiki & Company created 15 totally fun and fabulous letter patterns to remind your loved one just how much happiness they bring into your life, when they just maybe have forgotten.

Creative writing prompts inspire you to put together beautiful hand-written letters and printable “care packages” for different phases we all seem to go through in our lives. When the recipient is feeling happiness, sadness, or just needs a bit of a pep talk…The Divas have you covered! Choose which one they need, and pop it open. Voila! Your love is shared…just like that!

Who says you can’t do it for others you care about, too, besides just your spouse? Kids away at college, long-distance couples, a sibling or friend who might be going through a rough time – these letters are truly a fantastic gift to anyone who needs a pick me up!  Yes, some portions of it are definitely for “spouse eyes only”, but everything in the pack is easily customizable.

These letters sure do “deliver”! {…see what I did there?}

Your DIY Open When Letters Kit Contains:

  • 15 Envelope labels that announce “when” to open your fun DIY love letter cards and romantic gifts.
  • 15 Cute coordinating love notes to capture a message just for his or her eyes.
  • Small printable gifts to shower your sweetie with love.
  • Gorgeous embellishments to decorate a keepsake box for your love letters.

DIY Open When Love Letters KitThe Divas have done the work for you, and have provided a writing prompt and coordinating romantic gift {which you can totally customize if you’re giving it to someone besides a spouse!} that’s wrapped up in one beautiful, printable bundle. I love how easy The Divas always make it to be so thoughtful!

Let’s take a closer peek at some of the cheer these spread!

Printable Open When... LettersKiki designed a gorgeous quote card, along with two polaroid frames to put a couple of your favorite snaps in. I just love how creative this is!

DIY Open When... LettersThis would be one of those “for your spouse only” gifts – but how fun, right?

Printable Open When... LettersThis would be sure to make anyone smile when they are having a rough day!

Printable Open When... LettersWe all need a bit of a pep talk once in a while!

Printable Open When... LettersI really love this one – what an awesomely fun space to record your story!

Printable Open When... LettersCould you imagine getting a box like this in the mail when you’re feeling so lonely and so far away from home?! I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!

Now you have the opportunity to be there for a loved one, just when they need you! Whether it be a far away place, or just a rough time in life, this is probably the most unique and thoughtful {not to mention loving!} gift I’ve seen.

Snatch yours up here for only $8.97.

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