Cheers all!

As promised, below is the quick and easy cheerleader costume we came up with when my daughter was 5. This costume is perfect for you last minute moms!

We picked an outfit from her current wardrobe: it was actually a Cheer shirt from Osh-Kosh with matching skirt – but really any skirt/shirt combo would do. Paired that with black tights and white, frilly socks. We purchased some pom-poms from our local dollar store – although you can make them yourself (check back tomorrow for an easy to follow tut!). I put her hair into pigtails and added small pom pom hairties and yarn pom poms (tut below) to her shoes (these could also be used in place of the store bought hairties). We added a *touch* of make-up and the costume was complete (and she LOVED it).

I learned to make these back in Brownies. I remember it was such an easy craft and I absolutely loved making them!
You will need:

  • Empty ribbon spool or cardboard
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
1.  You need to create two donut shaped pieces to create pom-poms. I have found it easiest to use an empty spool of ribbon because it is already the size and shape you want. Carefully remove the center piece (ignore the cut marks in this picture – I had already taken it apart and started cutting before I decided I wanted this image!). NOTE: If you don’t have an empty spool of ribbon, you can always use a cereal box and cut out the two donut shapes.
2. Cut a hole in the center of both pieces.
3.  Place the two rings together. The idea is to wind the yarn around the rings. Hold one end of the yarn on the outside of the ring and feed the other end through the hole, round the back and through the front again. (It is easiest to cut a length of string and ball it up as you wind (see pic 2) when you run out of string, tie another piece to it (pic 3)). Continue until the whole thing is covered – for a fuller pom pom you can repeat.
4.  Once your rings are covered, you need the cut the yarn along the edges. The trick is to not loose any of your yarn during this process.
5.  Now pass a length of yarn between the two pieces of cardboard surrounding all of the pieces of yarn and tie it together tightly. You can now remove the cardboard. (here is where my camera malfunctioned and I didn’t get a picture but I think it is pretty clear what needs to be done).
6.  Tidy up the pom poms by trimming any long yarn pieces.
7.  To affix to your child: With the tail of the yarn you used to tie your pom pom together, tie around your daughters pig tails and shoelaces.
TIPS: Use multi-colored yarn for a multi-colored pom pom. Or make each of your pom poms a different color.
Happy Costume Making!