Last year I  came across the iDad at Charlotte’s Fancy, and new I had to do it for my Husband.  I hoped on the computer and created this:
My husband and I both have iPads and both love them, so this is perfect for him.  But of course, I had to do mine all digital ’cause that’s how I roll.

Of course I made it available as a printable.
You can download and print and give to a techie dad in your live.
Just click HERE to go to Google Docs.
Once I printed it on cardstock, I cut it out and used an exacto knife to cut the icons that I wanted to fold up.  I put sticky notes on the backside of the tabs and sprayed the inside cover with adhesive (a glue stick would work well too).  I then took the sticky notes off and stuck the two pieces of card stock together. 

I handed it over to my kiddos to work their magic and we have a sweet little personalized card for dad come Father’s Day!

I love Father’s Day cards!  Two years ago CRAFT had the coolest Google card that I recreated digitally as well – find it here.

The year before that I created my own original idea – SUPERDAD Card!

I also have a great Room Service Printable to spoil dad with this year.