I was super excited when Ruffle Fabric sent me a yard of their grey mini ruffle fabric.  I was pumped to embellish my new lampshade that I purchased for my lamp update.

After making my coffee filter lamp shades I wanted something super easy to cover the other two lamp shades in my bedroom.  I thought I was being super smart using Ruffle Fabric’s fabric to create a ruffled lamp shade… until I came across A Girl and a Glue Gun’s!  (She also has lots of other Ruffled Fabric ideas, so make sure to check her out) Apparantely not only do we share the same cool name, but we share the same awesome idea!  So I wasn’t the first to come up with the idea, but I’m still going to share how mine turned out. 
I started with these lamps:

After a couple of coats of white paint and two new drum shades, I was ready to add some ruffles!

Here’s what you do:

Wrap the fabric around your shade and pin along the top.  I didn’t cut out the size I needed first, I did this after I wrapped the shade.  The fabric has some stretch, so I wanted to make sure I had the right amount.

I then trimmed the fabric around the bottom of the shade, leaving enough to roll over the edge and glue on the inside of the shade.

Pin along the seam and then pin along the bottom.  This is actually very easy because you can use the ruffle on the fabric as a level so that you don’t get crooked ruffles!

I then hot glued the bottom seam down and glued the bottom (on the inside of the shade) removing pins as I went. 

I learned my lesson from the first shade to glue just inside the lip of the shade – even if you have excess fabric, just let it hang for now.  If you glue up an inch inside the shade, it WILL show through when the light is on (in the above #1 was my first lamp and #2 was the 2nd after I learned my lesson).  Once you glue all the way around, cut off the excess fabric.
Do the same to the top.

Fold over your last seam (so you have a clean edge) and glue it in place, making sure to line up the ruffles.

You’re done!  Put it on your lamp and admire your handiwork.
Not only was I able to cover TWO lamp shades, but I also made a cute little ruffle pillow for my chair.

I used some of the grey mini ruffle fabric for the front and some grey fabric from my euro shams for the back.  I took apart a pillow from my old bedset and used it to stuff my new pillow.
Love the touch of color and ruffle-age that these added to my room!
At $14.99 a yard, the fabric may not be within everyone’s price range, but it really goes a long way – I actually have about 1/2 a yard left to play with!  It was easy to work with and I saved LOADS of time not having to create the ruffle.
Stop by and check out all the cute fabrics Ruffle Fabric has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.