Well, technically she went for a boat ride… in the kids bathtub.  She also dumped all the toys out of their mesh bag and into the bottom of the tub.   My daughter turned on the shower this morning and stepped in and imagine her surprise when she found Christina Marie already there!  And she remembers hearing the tub running last night at 10:45pm but thought it was me….  she was correct, I used her restroom at 10:45pm, but there was no sign of Christina Marie.  She said it must have been at 11:15pm that she woke up. :p

Check out this stinkin’ elf:

If your elf decides to take a boat ride and the bathroom is connected to a child’s room, please note to run the water very slowly so it isn’t too loud… also, Christina Marie may or may not have turned the faucet off and resorted to lugging bowls full of water from the Master Bathroom to avoid the noise…

Christina Marie also lost her magic yesterday…. a certain two year old couldn’t resist a little touch, and then her older brother said, “Nooooooo!!!!! Now she lost her magic!  We HAVE to tell Santa!”  To which said two year old responded by bursting into tears and saying, “NO MOMMY!  No, don’t tell Santa!”.  I told her Santa wouldn’t be mad and then called Santa and told him that Christina Marie would need a magic boost and please do so ASAP.  Since Santa wasn’t mad all was well in the world.

Happy Wednesday!
Happy Creating! ~Kim