Today I am going to share with you how I made my daughter a DIY Snow White purse.  She recently discovered Snow White when we went to Disney On Ice in January and instantly fell in love with her!  Olivia is a little purse hound and she loves to get all dolled up so this was a must-have for her!
NO SEW Snow White Inspired Purse Tutorial

No-Sew Princess Bag

Blue tote – available at craft stores or you can make one like I did
2 yards yellow tulle
1 yard sequins ribbon
1 spool of 2″ satin ribbon
Hot glue


Keeping your tulle folded in half off the rack, fold it in half length-wise (so now it is 1 yard long instead of 2).  Lay your tote over it (the fold of the tulle should be at the top of the tote) and position the length you want the tulle to hang off the edge and trim the length of the tulle.

Fold the tulle over and repeat step 1.  Keep doing so until you’ve used up all the tulle.  I ended up with three strips to use (one was not folded over, it was just one layer).

Using your hot glue gun, lay about a 1″ strip of hot glue along the tote where you want the top of the tulle to be.

Lay your tulle in place and then “scrunch” it back to create pleats.  Do this around the entire bag.

Once you finish with your first tulle strip, start again with your second, going over the same glue strip as before. I made sure to start in a different place than where the first strip started so that the edges were all mixed in together and disguised.

Make sure that all of the layers are pressed into the glue.  I used a low-temp glue gun since I was pushing my fingers directly into the hot glue.  Repeat until you’ve used all of your tulle.

Trim the uneven ends of tulle along the bottom of the bag.

Do the same for any uneven tulle along the glue strip.

Using sequins ribbon, fold the edge over and secure with a dab of glue to create a “finished” edge along the glued tulle.

Start at the center of the tulle and carefully glue the sequin ribbon over the edge of the tulle and the glue strip.

Go around the entire bag, cut off any extra sequin ribbon, fold over the edge, and glue into place.

NO SEW Snow White Inspired Purse Tutorial

And that’s it! Step back and admire the total cuteness of this DIY Snow White Purse!  And then hand it over to your 2.5 years old who absolutely refuses to pose for pictures…

NO SEW Snow White Inspired Purse Tutorial