(In case you were wondering – Livie’s hat didn’t fit under her hood, so she borrowed mine! And yes, that is a snow chair they are sitting on.)
I needed a little hint of spring after two storms dumped a bunch more snow on us, so I grabbed a straw wreath from Joann’s, picked up some clearance ribbon from Michael’s and came up with this ribbon wrapped wreath with braided ribbon flower embellishments.
Perfect for my bathroom wall! 
I don’t think a tut is needed… basically I glued the end of the ribbon to the back of the wreath and wrapped as much as I wanted, then hot glued the other end to the back as well.  I did this with varying lengths of different ribbon.  I made a few braided ribbon flowers (new no sew version – find out how tomorrow!) and hot glued those on as well.  Super easy and very spring-y!
Happy Creating!