My house has been taken over by Rainbow Loom bracelets. My son makes them and makes them, yet he never actually wears them, so I find them all over the house. In an attempt to rid myself of some of these, I decided that my kids were going to hand out St Paddy’s Day cards to their friends to ensure a pinch free holiday!

Really, I’m doing a civic duty. How, you ask? Think about the poor child (or his Mom) that didn’t realize it was St. Paddy’s Day so he didn’t wear green? Think about all those pinches he would receive throughout the day… until my son comes to the rescue with this fun gift! The green-less child puts the bracelet on and instantly the pinches cease! Now my kids are heroes!
Want your kid to be a hero to?
Download the “Wishing you a Pinch Free St. Patrick’s Day” Cards, have your kid whip up a few green rainbow loom bracelets and send him off to school, no cape required!