Does your little one get out of her car seat and have red neck like mine?  Sometime between my son using the carseat and my daughter we lost the seat belt covers that came with the seat.  Everytime we would go fora car ride I would take her out and she would have red marks on her neck from wear the seat belt touched her neck.  It did not look comfy AT all and I decided I would make her some new ones.
I had planned to just wing it, but then while perusing The Sweet Life, a craft blog that I have recently found (and shared with you their Checkbook Cover tutorial), I saw that she ALSO had a tutorial for Carseat Seat Belt Covers!  PERFECT.  Someone had already done the work for me, so I might as well follow along, right?
They turned out perfectly and were quick and EASY to make!
Check ’em out:

And now with toddler all snug:

No more red welts or sore necks for your little ones. Head HERE for her awesome tutorial.
Happy Crafting!