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Olivia, my 3 year old, has been having a hard time going to sleep at night. We have literally tried EVERYTHING. I finally changed her room around and let her have a say in the layout. I also made her a stuffed “Mommy” Nesting Doll with a pocket and a little baby she named “Ellie”.  I’m not sure if either of these impacted her actually going and staying in bed, but we introduced the two on the same night and we’ve had pretty good luck since.

I told her the dolls were stuffed with my love, and just like brothers “Love Bug”, a boy Black Apple doll I made for my son a while back, I could feel her hugs and kisses throughout the night, so anytime she was missing me, she should give the dolls a squeeze and she would receive my love in return.
They both carry those dolls around giving them bear hugs and kisses galore… I am constantly pretending I can’t breathe because I’m being squeezed so hard. 😉

Mama dolls shape didn’t QUITE turn out like I had hoped… I had been aiming for more like this:

Image Source

Of course I didn’t look up any inspiration pieces until AFTER… guess I should have done that differently!  But Olivie loves the one I made and that’s all that matters!

Happy Creating! ~Kim

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