I’ve been loving all the succulents I’ve seen popping up on Pinterest. I have the WORST green thumb ever… definitely a black thumb over here. Seriously. My mom and kids gave me a hanging plant for Mother’s Day… I killed it and brought it back to life about 3 times. Right now it is half dead, struggling to hold on. I don’t know what I do wrong! I followed the instructions on the tag! Every plant I’ve owned, I’ve killed, including a cactus that my in-laws brought me home from Arizona. 

What the hang ladies?!?
But I love greenery in a home. I think it adds such life and color – you know, that somethin’, somethin’. Remember the Decorating with Plants and Flowers post from our Home Decor Contributor, Atta Girl Says? Did you see how lovely her home looks with all those plants? I’m totally jellie!
So I decided to ignore my black thumb, throw caution to the wind, and purchased some succulents.
Actually, I blame my son. He is huge into gardening. Has a passion for it at the young age of 6. I can totally see him becoming a landscape architect as an adult! While at Lowe’s he literally BEGGED me to just go look in their greenhouse. “I know we aren’t buying anything mom, but can I puh-leassseeee just look?” So we did… and I saw the succulent section and his puppy dog eyes and I caved!
Each child picked a plant and then I picked one and voila!
I knew I had a hurricane vase at home that use to hold a candle that was just begging to be repurposed, so the only other things that I needed to pick up was some potting soil (for cactus and succulents) and some river rocks.

We went home and got to work.
I added rocks to the bottom, then poured in some soil, decided where I wanted each plant and put them in, then added a layer of rock on top of the soil (all with the help of my kiddos and a spoon). The rocks are to help with drainage since my vase doesn’t have a drainage hole.
My Lowe’s didn’t have any small pebbles, but those would have been ideal.
I had a couple of plants left over (we only bought 5 but had more than enough for our vase) so I grabbed an extra pot that I had laying around and made a second little potted garden. I actually love the look of this little garden and put it in my downstairs bathroom. BONUS!
I also researched how to care for a succulent dish
and this is what I found:
They need INDIRECT sunshine, so don’t place them on a sunny windowsill or in a dark room.
Someplace where they get enough sunlight to keep them happy but that doesn’t scorch them.
They obviously need warmer temps, so a house temp of over 50 degrees is fine, but don’t keep them near windows, doors or AC vents that will get drafty. That’s no bueno.
Good thing I read up because I probably would have done all of those!
Now on to the part that alway’s throws me for a loop.
How much do I water my new little dish garden?
Only water the garden when the soil is completely dry. Succulents roots will rot in damp conditions!!
So generally only water the garden once a week. Small plants will get 1 tablespoon of water. Larger ones get 1/4 cup of water (definitely not MY little garden!).
It’s also key to remember that if you don’t have a drainage hole in your pot, your garden will need to be watered less. And many succulents don’t require water in the winter because they are dormant (not actively growing). If the leaves are not plump, then add the necessary amount of water.
See! I did my research, so hopefully my two little gardens will survive for a long, long time…
guess time will tell!
What do you think? Will you be creating a succulent dish garden? Have you already done it?
Do you think I can keep mine alive knowing my track record?!?
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