On Superbowl Sunday our friend Krista brought over some yummy cupcakes.  One of them had a really cute football ring on top, so my son plucked it off and took off playing.  A short time later my youngest realized he had a ring and really wanted one.  Since I was trying to keep her entertained (nope, she didn’t want to watch the game!) I asked her if she wanted to make a ring.  I had no idea how I was going to do so but figured I could wing it.  And sure enough, after looking through my stash I grabbed some elastic thread, buttons and a little bling and we made these Super Simple Button Rings!

 DIY Simple Button Rings


Elastic Thread


Hot Glue

DIY Button Ring Tutorial


Tie the elastic thread around the finger you want to wear the ring on and knot it a few times. 

Pick a button. If you are using more than one, hot glue the two togerher.

Hot glue the button onto the knotted portion of the elastic thread.

Voila!   A simple ring! 


Of course my son wanted to make one to, so here is his creation – just two buttons glued together, then glued to the elastic thread:




Obviously these are small and easy to swallow and could potentially be a choking hazard.  My daughter is not a child to put things in her mouth, so I am not horribly concerned, but she is only allowed to wear it in my presence.  Please use caution if making for a child. I would label this as not suitable for young children.